Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Coffin Rock Epilogue

I Need A Break

Time:Monday – September 01, 1879
Location:Coffin Rock, CO [MAP]
Posse Role-Call:Allen Jabour with his flock (Anne Wilmarth, Bernard Ackeley, Henry Noyes, Nathan Green)
Lucius Jones
Sterling Simms (a.k.a. David Davidson)
Tennesy Waya
Tobias Rogers
Yang Li

Game Notes

This epilogue marks the end (at least temporarily) of roughly 1.5 years of role-playing in Deadlands Reloaded (2.5 months of game time). We usually met one night a week every two weeks. Even with such a low frequency, real life responsibilities forced several players to quit the game. It just goes to show that we can’t game like when we were teenagers; time is too precious.

Exploring Coffin Rock cleared up a couple of major loose ends in the game, such as Yang Li’s brother and Sterling’s patron, so it seemed like a good place to stop and re-evaluate. We may pick the game back up in the future, try something new (I own Hell On Earth Reloaded now), or just enjoy other activities for a while. I think everyone enjoyed the game and hopefully, you enjoyed reading my updates on Obsidian Portal. This was my first time both running a game of Deadlands Reloaded (or even Savage Worlds) and using Obsidian Portal to document my own game.

Session Notes

The last several weeks were busy and full of changes for the folks in Coffin Rock. After the battle at the church, the posse was met by a group of the townsfolk led by Shelly Pearl Daly. They were coming to investigate all the commotion. (Shelly Pearl had arrived in town that morning after speaking with the posse in the hills.) Tobias came out to meet the posse as well; although haggard, he appeared better than he had in days. Brother Allen recommended they all retire to the Six Feet Under to hear the tale. Once there, he told how he and the others, with help from the Lord Almighty, managed to defeat the evil summoned by Reverend Cheval. Coffin Rock was pulled back from the brink of damnation! (Way to lower that Fear Level, Preacher! – Ed.)

Although not everyone fully believed Brother Allen’s tale of demons and abominations, the townsfolk could feel that the pall over the town had been lifted and most had never liked Reverend Cheval’s cult. Many a glass was raised in honor of the posse that afternoon.

Additionally, Tobias told the others an interesting story. On their first night in town, Tobias had met a man who was interested in playing cards. The man’s name was Mr. Ares. Mr. Ares had lost a few hands at the Six Feet Under Saloon when he suggested upping the stakes. He then played Tobias for his soul… and Tobias had lost. Tobias did not remember anything else until he was woken up by the bartender as the bar closed. When he asked about Mr. Ares, the bartender didn’t know what he was talking about; Tobias had been sitting alone all night. As the days passed, Tobias knew something was wrong; he couldn’t leave the hotel and he also couldn’t talk to the posse about it. He became violently ill if he even thought about saying anything. His illness did not leave him until the posse’s battle at the church was ended. Obviously, Mr. Ares had wanted to insure that Tobias and his magic were kept out of the fight. Of course, no one could be sure that Tobias had fully recovered his soul, or what might result if he still did not have it.

The posse also learned that Deputy Smith had been seen riding from town that morning and no one had seen him since. This really didn’t seem to worry the townsfolk. The general consensus was that Clem Smith was just as bad as Marshal Bryce and the other deputies – only Shelly Pearl wished she and her gang had the chance to “say goodbye” to the deputy.

As the sun set that day, Brother Allen led a delegation to the church to burn it down – “clean out the last traces of the heathens with fire” as he put it. The fire burned most of the night and when dawn came, little remained but a few smoldering timbers. Oddly enough, as Brother Allen was looking over the ruins the next day, he found his missing Bible lying in the ashes, whole and unharmed – a true miracle! (Yang Li was the Bible thief. He had been inspired by his book, The Art of Funny, to replace the Bible with a fake he had made in Denver. Once he realized how angry the loss had made Brother Allen, he was too embarrassed to return the Bible directly. Therefore, he left it for the preacher to find himself, with no one being the wiser.)

The following week saw the funeral service for Ed Green (which was attending by all the townsfolk as a sign of respect), the discovery of the town deeds in the mayor’s office (leading to Shelly Pearl reclaiming her birthright), and the exorcism of Lucius Jones by Brother Allen. During the exorcism, Lucius confessed all his sins to the preacher and eventually found forgiveness in the Lord’s arms. He was buried next to Ed under his own name, Boyd Sutton, and a letter was sent to his parents back in Georgia.

In the days following Lucius’ burial, a new copper vein was found in the mountains surrounding Coffin Rock which soon led to new claims all over the area. Tacheene apparently kept his promise of a reward (but don’t tell the Preacher that! – Ed.). The Cooked Earth Mine did the best — copper was found in every tunnel and new seams opened almost daily.

Soon after Lucius’ funeral, Sterling quietly left town. After his actions in the battle at the church, he never quite earned back the trust of the other members of the posse. Still seeking fame and fortune, he claimed an urge to explore the rest of the West and perhaps visit Salt Lake City.

Brother Allen travelled to Denver with Tennesy, Tobias, and Yang Li, returning with marble tombstones for Ed and Lucius, and a strongbox containing a large percentage of his family fortune. With this money, Brother Allen helped Shelly Pearl with initial operating expenses for the mine and became a partner in the Crooked Earth Mine. He even loaned Shelly Pearl a strange mining tool that almost doubled the normal output for a single miner. He also invested in several businesses around Coffin Rock, helping it to reach the booming vision of John Daly.TOMBSTONES FOR EDWARD GREEN AND BOYD SUTTONShelly Pearl was soon elected mayor in a special election called by none other than Mayor Hambly himself. He claimed that the job had taken enough from him and it was time for new blood to take the reins. One of her first duties as mayor was to offer the position of town marshal to Tennesy, who accepted graciously on behalf of himself and his new deputy, Yang Li.

Eventually, the green slime protection that Brother Allen had worn for so long dried and hardened, losing the ability to react to kinetic energy. Allen was forced to painfully cut it off as Yang Li had, but suffered no other ill effects.

Although peace had come to Coffin Rock, it was still located in the Weird West. Rumors of nightmare creatures and disappearing miners in the mountains occasionally cropped up, and there were still claims that the abandoned school was haunted. Luckily, there was a group in town who had some experience dealing with ghosts and other horrors, but that is a tale for another day…


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