Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Death And Guns

He Had A Gun Like Yours

Time:Thursday – August 07, 1879 – 08:00 PM
Location:Coffin Rock, CO [MAP]
Posse Role-Call:Allen Jabour with his flock (Anne Wilmarth, Bernard Ackeley, Ed Green, Henry Noyes, Nathan Green)
Sterling Simms (a.k.a. David Davidson)
Tennesy Waya
Tobias Rogers
Yang Li

Session Notes

Brother Allen, Sterling, Tennesy, and Yang Li stopped by the Crystal River Hotel on their way to the cemetery to speak with Allen’s flock and check on Tobias. Brother Allen explained to his followers about the coming meeting in the cemetery and asked them to maintain a watch: should they hear the sound of his Gatling pistol, they should come running and ready to fight. The group then went to check on Tobias. After much knocking, he finally answered his door. He was pale and shaky, although he still claimed that he was only suffering from a severe hang-over. The group was worried about his condition, but they had to hurry to the cemetery meeting so they left him be.

The posse found the cemetery gates closed but unlocked. They entered the cemetery and walked amongst the graves, looking about in the poor light of the moon, but saw no one. They decided to wait by Daly’s mausoleum, the most prominent feature of the graveyard.

After roughly 30 minutes of waiting, the deputy warily entered the cemetery. Once he noticed the preacher, he headed straight for Brother Allen. The deputy introduced himself as Clem Smith and explained that if the preacher would let him ride out of town peacefully, he would tell Allen everything about the murder. Brother Allen did not know the murder about which Clem was speaking, but played along, slowly getting the story out of Clem without revealing his own ignorance.

According to Clem, back in May, a man named Alex Indigo arrived in town. He asked a lot of questions, which made Marshal Bryce nervous. Marshal Bryce eventually arranged an ambush in the cemetery. All the deputies were involved, including Clem, although Clem claimed that he did not actually fire at the man. After it was all over, Bryce found a badge for a United States agency of which he had never heard on Alex Indigo’s body. He also found a Gatling pistol, a weapon which would cost him over 6-months wages. Marshal Bryce became even more worried. He ordered the deputies to bury the body in an unmarked grave in the cemetery while he destroyed the badge and pistol.

The Gatling pistol was how Marshal Bryce and the others knew Brother Allen was a member of the same agency as the dead man. They knew that there was no way a preacher could afford such a weapon on his own. Of course, the questions Allen had been asking since arriving in town only confirmed their suspicions.

After Marshal Bryce was killed by the masked man (who Clem assumed was a United States agent), Clem knew it was just a matter of time before the deputies were killed or taken prisoner. Therefore, he tried to cut a deal with Brother Allen. As Clem finished explaining, a shot rang out and he fell to the ground.

Brother Allen moved quickly to call upon the Lord to heal Clem as he lay bleeding to death. Meanwhile, Yang Li and Tennesy raced toward a shadowy figure whom they saw drop behind the cemetery fence. Sterling quickly sought cover behind the mausoleum.

Reaching the wall, Yang Li and Tennesy stopped to listen and see between the fence’s wooden planks. They saw nothing but heard the sound of boots on gravel racing away. The ambushers seemed to be running parallel to the fence and away from Yang Li and Tennesy… toward the cemetery gate!

God had answered Brother Allen’s prayer and healed Clem. Allen was helping Clem up when the ambushers reached the gate and opened fire, using the fence as cover. The posse could just barely see their badges reflecting the dim moonlight; they were the other deputies! After a quick consultation, Sterling teleported himself and Brother Allen past the deputies (and their cover). The smoke had barely cleared before Brother Allen opened fire with his Gatling pistol. He quickly killed four of the deputies, leaving the last to be killed by a well-aimed shot from Tennesy’s rifle.

The bells of the church were ringing as Brother Allen’s flock arrived at the cemetery (summoned by the shots of the Gatling pistol). Allen ordered them to watch the bodies while he, Sterling, Tennesy, Yang Li, and Deputy Clem Smith went to report the incident. (Brother Allen wanted to insure the group was able to tell their side of the story before any additional problems arose – after all, they had just killed almost all of the town’s deputies.) As Allen was speaking with his flock, Sterling slipped over to the bodies and took one of the deputy badges.

The group’s first stop was the town blacksmith, Jonah Thurgood. Brother Allen felt that Jonah had a good head on his shoulders and seemed to have a healthy paranoia about the town. The posse woke up Jonah but he didn’t wish to be involved. He recommended they speak with the mayor.

Brother Allen and Yang Li went with Deputy Smith to the Six Feet Under to find Mayor Hambly. Meanwhile, Tennesy and Sterling went over to the Marshal’s Office to find any incriminating documents linked to Marshal Bryce. Sterling and Tennesy didn’t find any evidence against the dead marshal, but Tennesy did find the marshal’s badge and took it once he realized Sterling was searching for it.

At the Six Feet Under, Brother Allen, Yang Li, and Deputy Smith found several of the townsfolk, including a drunken Mayor Hambly. Brother Allen told the tale of the ambush by the deputies and how Deputy Smith helped the posse fight them off. (Although Clem did very little, Allen wanted him to have the majority of the credit… and the responsibility.) After Brother Allen’s tale, Deputy Smith led the majority of the saloon’s patrons to gather the bodies.

After such an eventful night, the posse returned to the Crystal River Hotel for some well-deserved rest. The majority of the group enjoyed a peaceful night, but Tennesy had terrible dreams of clockwork horrors (as usual for him – Ed.) and Tobias tossed and turned.

Experience Award:3


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