Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Sleepy Time

Only In My Dreams...

Time:Wednesday – August 06, 1879 – 11:00 PM
Location:Coffin Rock, CO [MAP]
Posse Role-Call:Allen Jabour with his flock (Anne Wilmarth, Bernard Ackeley, Ed Green, Henry Noyes, Nathan Green)
Sterling Simms (a.k.a. David Davidson)
Tennesy Waya
Tobias Rogers
Yang Li

Session Notes

As Yang Li and Tennesy prepared for bed, they suddenly heard a mass of gunfire from somewhere in the town. They quickly left their rooms, met each other in the hall, and went to wake up Brother Allen. Upon hearing the news, Brother Allen quickly re-donned his clothes and went with the group outside the hotel. They listened for any other activity, but hearing none nearby, decided to investigate in the morning and returned to bed.

Later that night, Sterling dreamed that he was standing before a door. He knocked and a voice invited him inside. Proceeding through the door, he found himself in a large and elegant office. Sitting beside the various chairs and filing cabinets were all manner of scientific equipment. A white-haired, rotund man with a carefully trimmed beard and handlebar moustache rose from behind a large oaken desk as Sterling entered. He was wearing an expensive suit and a large smile as he shook Sterling’s hand. He explained that he was Sterling’s secret patron and by using a New Science device that was standing on a nearby table, he had managed to introduce himself into Sterling’s dreams.

Sterling took a seat and enjoyed a cigar with brandy as he and his patron conversed. Unfortunately, his patron was not yet ready to reveal his name to Sterling. (He claimed to be a man with many enemies and jealous rivals.) He hoped to be able to do so at some point in the future when they actually met in the physical world.

He had never contacted Sterling before in this manner because he could not; his device would only work while Sterling was in Coffin Rock. Apparently, the wall between Coffin Rock and the ethereal had been weakened, allowing the mind of his patron to ride the ethereal waves to meet Sterling. This weakening of the wall between the physical and meta-physical not only facilitated his contact but was also the main reason for his visit. Some individual or group in Coffin Rock was attempting to breach the wall and bring something over, something dangerous to the world. It was important that Sterling stop this. However, simply stopping the process once it had begun could be very dangerous; the energy could be discharged in any number of unpredictable ways. Therefore, his patron showed Sterling a blueprint for a marvelous New Science device that was portable and could safely collect the energy for dissipation.

The device was based upon several basic principles with which Sterling was already familiar thanks to his experience with his luminiferous ether detection goggles, aetheric transportation device, and even the strange portal-controlling machines of the Masters. Initially, the power to activate the energy collector would be provided by Hildegarde and it would take at least several seconds to set up once Sterling was near the energy source. During this time, he would have to count on the help of his travelling companions to protect him.

Their discussion at an end, Sterling once again shook hands with his patron. The gentleman wished him luck and expressed his pleasure at how well Sterling had grown in his knowledge and abilities since leaving New York. He hoped to one day be able to fully partner with Sterling to change the world for the better.


Aahz Aahz

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