Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

The Dead Do Not Rest Peaceful

Walking Voice For Roaring Thunder

TIME:Tuesday – August 05, 1879 – 07:15 PM
LOCATION:South of Coffin Rock, CO [MAP]
POSSE ROLE-CALL:Allen Jabour with his flock (Anne Wilmarth, Bernard Ackeley, Ed Green, Henry Noyes, Nathan Green)
Sterling Simms (a.k.a. David Davidson)
Tennesy Waya
Tobias Rogers
Yang Li


This session introduces a new posse member: Tennesy Waya!


As evening approached, a lone Cherokee, Tennesy Waya, rode the trails through the Rockies, taking a circuitous route to his home in the Coyote Confederation. He had grown tired of working as a scout for the Confederate army and it had sickened him to see the results of an attack on a Union Blue camp in the Southwest. A new science device had literally melted the flesh off the camp inhabitants – that was no way for any man to die. When the device suffered some sort of malfunction, Tennesy saw his chance and rode away. He would not work for men who would do such things to other men.

Working his way through a mountain valley, he came upon a campsite. Tennesay was greeted by an old man, possibly a shaman, whose whispering voice invited him to partake of the rabbit roasting over the fire. The man claimed that the spirits had told him that the young warrior would be coming. The man’s face was hidden by his robe’s hood, but Tennesy recognized his clothing and tribal markings as Osage – a tribe the Cherokee had fought more than 60 years before. But that was old history, before the Trail of Tears and long before the founding of the Coyote Confederation… and Tennesy was hungry and tired after a long day of travelling through the mountains.

As the sun lowered behind the mountain tops, Tennesy ate and spoke with the medicine man, who called himself Ho Tah Moie, which meant “Walking Voice For Roaring Thunder.” As they discussed current events in the land, it became obvious that Ho Tah Moie had an intense hatred of the white man, both Union and Confederate, and saw no good from his expansion to the West. Tennesy also noticed an oddity as they sat around the warmth of the fire: the palms of Ho Tah Moie’s hands were black, as if dyed. However, before he could ask Ho Tah Moie about his hands, the shaman broke into a story about the battles fought in the mountains. He claimed that not long ago, scouting parties of Union and Confederate troops had stumbled upon each other in the very same valley where he and Tennesy enjoyed a warm fire. A bloody battle had erupted from which only a single, badly wounded survivor escaped, leaving the bodies of men and horses to rot in the sun. Ho Tah Moie went on to explain that sometimes, when the bodies of men with such violence and hate die, their spirits refuse to leave. Instead, they stay in the world, becoming even more bitter and angry in death. At this point, Ho Tah Moie told Tennesy that he should already know much of such men, since he had worked for the white man. Ho Tah Moie accused him of being a lackey to the white man, a traitor to all the Indian tribes, as were his people, the Cherokee, when they warred with the Osage long ago. If the Cherokee had not moved as the white man said move, they would have never ventured into Osage hunting grounds. The medicine man went on to explain that he had provided food and rest to Tennesy so that when the dead men of this valley came for him, he would die knowing that his best efforts could not save him. With these final words, Ho Tah Moie threw back his hood, revealing a face blackened and seared by fire. His whispering voice broke into laughter as his body faded from view. At the same time, a rotting hand burst from the earth near the campfire, quickly followed by another. Hearing the sounds of movement all around him, Tennesy did not wait to see what was dragging itself from the ground, but instead jumped onto the back of his horse and rode away as fast as possible.

As Tennesy rode, he heard the call of a bugle behind him and soon heard the sounds of pursuit… a pursuit which was gaining. He raced through wooded valleys and rocky crags, but never lost his pursuers. He eventually spotted the light from a campsite and rode there for help.

The posse and Brother Allen’s flock were comfortably enjoying their campfire, preparing for bed, when Tennesy burst from the darkness. He dropped off his horse and tried to warn the group of his undead pursuers as he gasped for breath. Almost as soon as he was off his horse, Brother Allen had his trusty LeMat pointed at Tennesy’s face; ever wary was Brother Allen.

The group then heard horses coming to a halt in the darkness and a voice command, “Dismount!,” which was soon followed by “Form up!” Brother Allen, Sterling, and Tobias all shouted toward the voice and claimed to support the Union; however, Allen’s Southern drawl only received a reply of “You’re not fooling anyone, Johnny Reb!” The voice then shouted that anyone for the Union should drop their weapons by the fire and could walk through the pickets. Ignoring Tennesy’s warning that the Union soldiers were not men, both Sterling and Tobias did just that, but Sterling did palm his alien lightning gun and activate his goggles before walking away from the campfire. Sterling could see magical energies outlining roughly seven humanoid figures, although two groups of three were so close together that they almost seemed as one.

Sterling and Tobias walked out roughly 20 feet from the camp and were about to pass the picket line when shots rang out. They had been shot by the soldiers! Fortunately, they were only slightly grazed by the bullets, which glowed with an eerie green light. Directed by Sterling, Tobias immediately threw a bolt toward one group of shadowy figures, but missed. Sterling fired his lightning gun and hit, but only grazed his target. The bluish light given off by the electricity exposed a nightmarish scene: the rotting remains of three Union soldiers were melded together to create a horrific abomination. (A ’glom! – Ed.) What Sterling had thought were three figures was actually one. The sight of this undead conglomeration was too much for the sanity of Brother Allen’s flock, as well as Yang Li. They all panicked and ran from the horror.

As the fight continued, Sterling ran back to the safety of the camp as another ’glom and their undead captain emerged into the moonlight. The captain stayed back, firing with his pistol, while the ’gloms moved forward and attacked the posse with rusty sabers. Brother Allen and Tennesy joined the fun with shots from their firearms. Even Yang Li found his courage and returned to engage one of the ’gloms.

One ‘glom was defeated by the combined efforts of Tobias and Tennesy. Numerous bolts from Tobias left it reeling and allowed Tennesy to finish it off with a rifle shot. The other ’glom fought well but after being badly wounded by a bolt of electricity from Sterling, it was finished off by a barrage from the preacher’s flock. They had been rallied by the Green brothers and returned to the fight. The undead captain looked a bit worried just before a bullet from Tobias’ hold-out Derringer blew the back of his head open. The posse was once again victorious!

In the aftermath, Tennesy used the healing skills he had learned to bandage the wounds of Sterling, Tobias, and even Brother Allen. All felt immensely better, although a nasty cut on Tobias’ arm would still take time to heal. They allowed Tennesy to share their camp for the rest of the night, keeping a watch in case other dangers should present themselves.



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