Aetheric Transportation Device


Cost:………………………… priceless
Power Effect:……………. teleport
Power Points:……………. 20
1/2 lbs of powdered ghost rock ($75)
Recalibration (Repair roll/5 hours until success)


The Aetheric Transportation Device is the unique creation of Sterling Simms. The device resembles a battered top hat, albeit one fitted with brass adjustment knobs and a swing-down rangefinder. Inside, a network of wires settles around the wearer’s skull. The wires, which constitute the “psychic navigator” are of different metals including steel, copper, and zinc.

To operate the device, a brass knob is turned. The top of the hat rises to reveal three wide-mouth nozzles, each coupled with an automatic tuning fork. Ghost rock dust in pumped through the nozzles and set to vibrate at its resonant frequency by the tuning forks. Once a critical mass of oscillating ghost rock dust is reached, it causes a minor implosion of space-time. The dust rock cloud and anything inside it (i.e. the device and its wearer) are swallowed up by the aetheric plane, only to be spit back out an instant later.

Normally, where the aethernaut exited the aetheric plane would be random. However, Simms has solved this problem with his psychic navigator. This network of wires is able to capture brainwaves, allowing the aethernaut to navigate through the aerthic plane simply by concentrating on where he would like to reappear. It’s important to note that only the most intelligent and strong-willed minds are able to generate brainwaves strong enough to control the psychic navigator. As such, the Aetheric Transportation Device should not be used by women, Methodists, or the Welsh.*

It’s unclear how the psychic navigator allows the aethernaut to exit at a specific point in the physical world. In fact, it doesn’t completely make sense to Simms himself. And while he would never admit it, it’s possible the device is controlled by a consciousness besides that of the aethernaut wearing it.

Regardless, aetheric transport is an in-exact science. It’s possible to exit the aetheric plane several feet off the ground or be hurled out with great force. Sometimes the aethernaut is thrown back through the entry point for unclear reasons. Furthermore, it is unpleasant to think what might happen if the dust cloud only partially enveloped the aethernaut, and only half of him was transported.

* This is the opinion of Sterling Simms, circa 1879, and does not reflect the past, present, or future opinions of players in Deadlands: The Way of the Brave.

Aetheric Transportation Device

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