weapon (ranged)

Cost:………………………… priceless
Power Effect:……………. bolt
Power Points:……………. 20
1/4 lbs of ghost rock ($25)
Up to 15 .22 rounds ($2/50 rounds)


Hildegarde is the unique creation of Sterling Simms. She is a weapon able to create powerful bolts of electrical energy. Made of brass and ghost-steel, she is the size of a large pistol with a drum-like processing/ignition chamber slung below the barrel. To operate, 1/4 lbs of ghost rock must first be treated with a chemical formula known only to Sterling, broken into small chunks, and loaded into the processing chamber. Additionally, Hildegarde must be loaded with up to 15 .22 caliber rounds.

When her trigger is pressed, one of the small chunks of ghost rock is dropped into her ignition chamber and ignited by a friction mechanism. The gas produced by the treated ghost rock is vented upward into the ionization chamber, powering an electromagnet and electrical capacitor in the process. (The ionization chamber would be considered the “barrel” of an ordinary gun.) There, the gas is ionized by the powerful electromagnet only a fraction of a second before one of the .22 rounds is fired through the chamber. The bullet is ionized by the gas and in turn causes the small ionized gas particles to travel along its path. When the circuit is completed by the bullet striking a grounded target such as a person, the capacitor (which was previously charged by the vented gas rock as well as kinetic friction from the wearer’s movement) discharges a powerful electrical current along the ionized particles to the target. A thumb-wheel above the grip increases or decreases the strength of the electrical discharge.


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