Mi-go Electric Gun

A lump of black metal with strange bumps all over it

weapon (ranged)

This weird weapon is a lump of black metal (roughly the size of a doorknob) with strange bumps, much like warts, all over it. It draws power from the user’s own bioelectric field to fire bluish bolts of electricity.

Range: 3/6/12
Damage: 2d10
Rate of Fire: 1
Shots: Unlimited
Malfunction: This weapon will not malfunction when used by a Mi-go. However, the gun is so alien that if used by a human and the Shooting roll results in snake eyes, the gun explodes, causing 3d10 damage to everything in a Medium Burst Template. If the Shooting roll results in a 1 or 2, the gun’s electrical charge is dispersed locally instead of fired, requiring a Vigor roll from the user to avoid being Shaken by the electrical jolt. Harrowed cannot use the electric gun since their bodies do not generate the bioelectricity required to power it.


This weapon was brought from another dimension by a strange fungus-like life form. These aliens attempted to take over New Jerusalem, CO.

Mi-go Electric Gun

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