Mi-go Mist Projector

A twisted collection of shiny metal tubes

weapon (ranged)

The mist projector is a twisted collection of shiny metal tubes. When fired, it emits a cloud of freezing fog.

Range: Special
Damage: Special
Rate of Fire: 1
Shots: 10
Notes: When fired, place the thin end of the Cone Template at the tip of the weapon. Targets within the template may make Agility rolls versus the user’s Smarts (-2) or Knowledge (Physics) to avoid the effect. Those who fail suffer 2d10 damage from the cold. Raises on the attack roll have no effect on damage. Harrowed and targets wearing winter clothing suffer only half damage. The mist projector counts as a Heavy Weapon.
Malfunction: This weapon will not malfunction when used by a Mi-go. However, the mist projector is so alien that if used by a human and the attack roll results in snake eyes, the weapon explodes, causing 3d10 damage to everything in a Medium Burst Template.


This weapon was brought from another dimension by a strange fungus-like life form. These aliens attempted to take over New Jerusalem, CO.

Mi-go Mist Projector

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