Sword of Yang

A liuye dao whose blade never dulls

weapon (melee)
Weapon Damage Cost Weight Min Attr Notes
Willow leaf saber Str+d6 - 4 Ag d6 See below

This liuye dao (willow leaf saber) dates back to the late Ming dynasty (circa 1620). According to Yang family legend, it was wielded by family patriarch, Yang Zheng, whose first wife and children had been killed by a roaming jiāng shī (Chinese hopping vampire). This act of violence set Yang Zheng on a path of vengeance that lasted over a decade. He fought many forms of evil during his travels and it was said that he learned to summon the fire in his heart to surround the dao with flames that burned the wicked. Eventually his heart’s wounds were healed by a farmer’s daughter whom he saved from a mountain oni (Chinese demon-ogre). He hung the dao in a place of honor and sought to enjoy the remainder of his life with his new bride.

For over two hundred years, the dao remained with the Yang family, treated as a treasured family heirloom, until it was stolen by Yang Meng and taken to North America. Yang Meng’s older brother, Yang Li, followed him to retrieve the sword and restore the family’s honor. Yang Li eventually found the dao and learned from the ghost of his brother that in a dream, Yang Meng had been asked to bring the sword to North America by the spirit of their ancestor. The dao was needed to fight great evils threatening the world. Yang Meng did not think anyone in the family would believe his dream, so to his shame, he took the sword and left. Unfortunately, he was not strong enough to wield the blade and was defeated by the very forces he had sought to stop. The family’s honor now falls to Yang Li.

When examined by detect arcana, the sword glows with magical energy, but it is not until it is brought within the presence of supernatural evil that its power is revealed for everyone to see. If the dao is unsheathed and held within 6 yards of a supernatural, evil creature, it bursts into flame. These spiritual flames will burn the supernatural, acting as AP 1 and causing d6 fire damage in addition to normal damage, but cannot harm normal, mundane creatures or items. Additionally, if an enlightened character has possession of the sword when lit, he may channel his chi to unleash a bolt of spiritual fire from the sword (using his Shooting skill). Multiple bolts in a single round may not be generated in this way, but the damage of the bolt may be increased as normal. Since the flames are spiritual in nature, the power does not gain the fire trapping.

If the dao is held within sight of a supernatural, evil creature, the owner will perceive intense hatred emanating from the sword. The owner must succeed in a Spirit roll or go into a berserk rage in which he must immediately attack the evil and will not wish to flee. This rage acts as the Berserk Edge, but he can only end his rage with a successful Spirit roll at -2 or by defeating all nearby supernatural, evil creatures. If on initial sight the creature causes a Guts roll which the wielder fails, he will automatically enter this berserk rage without rolling on the Fright Table.

Sword of Yang

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