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  • Hucksters

    * To cast a spell normally, make a Spellcasting roll. If you roll a 1 on your Spellcasting die, you suffer backlash and are Shaken. * Power Points Recharge = 1 Power Point / 3 hours * Instead of casting a spell normally, you can choose to "deal with the …

  • Tobias Rogers

    Tobias is a card shark from New York City and has moved on to prove he is the greatest poker player in the land. With a little luck and a little self made luck, Tobias should have no problem in attaining the title of World's Greatest.

  • Austin King

    Austin King was a minor criminal boss in St. Louis, MO. His main call to fame was his popular bare-knuckle boxing matches. The [[The Great Debate|posse met Mr. King]] when [[:lucius-jones]] accidentally killed one of his boxers, [[:roger]], in a brawl …