Expanded Gear And Goods - Animals


Item Cost
- Bull $20
- Calf $5
- Cow (at railhead) $30
- Yearling $10
- Chick $0.50
- Hen $1
- Rooster $1.50
Dog $3
Goat $1.75
Horse $150
Mule $50
Ox $60
- Pig $3.50
- Piglet $1.50
- Lamb $2
- Sheep $4

Gear Notes

Horse: Travelling by horse is very common in the Weird West. According to the Player’s Guide, riders average about 40 miles per day. Each week of riding causes a level of Fatigue unless the rider succeeds with a Riding roll (- 2). All Fatigue caused by riding may be recovered by resting 1d4 days.

Mule: This cross between a donkey and a horse can carry approximately 200 pounds. It rarely travels faster than a walk, only covering 15 miles per day. Riding a mule is as tiring as riding a horse and causes Fatigue in the same way.

Ox: Oxen are often used as draft animals and are usually yoked in pairs. An ox can pull a heavier load than a horse but is slower and not trained for riding. A wagon pulled by oxen can average 12 miles per day.

Expanded Gear And Goods - Animals

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