Expanded Gear And Goods - Explosives


Item Cost Weight
Blasting cap $1 -
Detonation wire (per 50 ft.) $2.50 1
Detonator, plunger $10 10
- Case (24 sticks) $65 30
- Stick $3 1
Fuse (per ft.) $0.05 1/50 ft.
Nitro (per pt.) $2.50 1

Gear Notes

Dynamite: Dynamite is sold by the stick or by the case; a typical case contains 24 sticks. The weapon table in the Deadlands Player’s Guide lists the effects for combining sticks of dynamite. A demolitionist may use up to eight sticks as a single, throwable weapon.

Exploding dynamite automatically sets off any other dynamite in the blast radius. Eight (or more) sticks of dynamite exploding at once are considered a Heavy Weapon.

Nitro: A liquid explosive used in the manufacture of dynamite, nitro isn’t particularly stable. According to the Player’s Guide, if a cowpoke rolls snake eyes on any Agility roll while carrying nitro, the bottle explodes and inflicts damage as if it was thrown.

Expanded Gear And Goods - Explosives

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