Expanded Gear And Goods - Gun Accessories

Gun Accessories

Item Cost Weight
Gun belt $2 1
- Quick-draw $11 1
- Standard $3 1
Rifle boot $3 1/2
Shotgun thong $0.25 -
Speed-load cylinder $3 1

Gear Notes

Quick-draw holster: This item allows the user to draw a pistol quickly in combat. Per the Deadlands Player’s Guide, pistoleros only suffer a -1 multi-action penalty when they draw a pistol carried in a quick draw holster (additional multi-action penalties are -2, as normal).

Speed-load cylinder: According to the Deadlands Player’s Guide, a pistolero can use a speed-load cylinder to reload a six-shooter as if he has the Speed Load Edge, provided he’s pre-loaded the cylinder.

Expanded Gear And Goods - Gun Accessories

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