Yang Li - 08061879

Diary:Yang Li Diary
Diary Entry:Wednesday – August 06, 1879
Adventure Log:Welcome to Coffin Rock

NOTE: Translated from scribbly scrabbly marks

I’ve finally made it to Coffin Rock! With any luck, I should be able to find my treacherous sibling, retrieve the artifact, and be done with this quest. Oh, I know how that sounds, that I may have strayed from the path. Let me assure you (whoever may find this), that is far from the case. It is just that my travel companions are wearing me down more so than I thought possible. Point in fact, I started putting down my thoughts in hopes of drowning out the banality of the conversation that goes on day in and day out. I know it is my lack of understanding their native tongue, but it truly sounds repetitive day in and day out.

If only they would not insist on constantly bickering amongst themselves as well as the townsfolk we meet in our travels, it would not be so unbearable. Is it that difficult to barter and or converse in this strange land? Decide what you want, attend to it, leave. I do so miss the efficiency of my native land. The group has gone out exploring, and I’ve taken this opportunity to “guard” the wagon, when in fact, I just needed to collect myself, to steel my reserves about how best to proceed.

What’s really interesting, is I am having a hard time recalling what personal traits I found irritating from the ones who are no longer with us. The gunslinger was the most affable, and I miss his company. He was the only one of the bunch who made an effort to speak to me with words I could understand. A true friend was he. Why, he didn’t even snicker anytime I mentioned those amazing goat four skin gloves, unlike the others. Blast this language barrier!

Perhaps that snickering is the clue to bonding with these men. I’m counting on it, as, because of such, I’ve purchased a rather enlightening book. My hopes are to bridge this ethnic gap. I’ll know soon enough, as my studying of things this culture finds funny is well on the way.

Yang Li - 08061879

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