Deadlands: The Way of the Brave


Anybody Got A Map?

TIME: Thursday – July 03, 1879 – 07:30 AM
LOCATION: New Jerusalem, CO [MAP]
POSSE ROLE-CALL: Allen Jabour with his flock (Ed Green, Nathan Green)
Jonah Westin
Sterling Simms
Yang Li


Having eaten most of the trail rations brought by Yang Li, food for the group was running scarce by Thursday morning. Additionally, Oliver expressed concern for the poor townsfolk of New Jerusalem. What food did they have? The only silver lining for the group was that their captive, William Taylor, had not shown any change during the night, and that morning, he had told them he was hungry. He seemed to be getting better.

The posse currently found themselves in mountainous terrain, which certainly did not match the land in Missouri. They decided to accept Oliver’s explanation that New Jerusalem was located in Colorado, along the Little Snake River near Wyoming. According to Oliver, another small town, called River Bend, was located roughly 30 miles to the north. The group decided that Oliver, Allen, and Jonah should take the three horses and ride for the town. Once there, they would buy supplies for the group and return.

As Oliver, Allen, and Jonah rode north, Oliver seemed more and more confused the farther along they travelled. He eventually admitted that the terrain did not match his own mental images. They were definitely in the mountains, but the peaks seemed different and the road curved at odd points he did not remember. They continued riding and sooner than expected, reached a town. Oliver was surprised to discover that the town was not River Bend, but Grand Junction. It was a larger town than River Bend and was located on the Denver-Pacific railroad line between Denver and Cheyenne. This meant that New Jerusalem was now at least a hundred miles from where Oliver remembered. After learning this and realizing that in their current state, the poor townspeople of New Jerusalem would be easy pickings for those without scruples, the small group decided to simply buy supplies and say very little to the people of Grand Junction. Oliver had gathered monies from his barber shop the day before so he was able to buy a small wagon, mules, and enough food for the people of New Jerusalem to last a week (as long as nobody complained about beans and rice). After loading the wagon, the men rode back to the posse’s camp and then onward to New Jerusalem.

It was mid-afternoon by the time the posse returned to New Jerusalem. They decided to go to the church, where the group began preparing a large cook fire and a whole big mess of beans and rice. Brother Allen and the Green brothers cleaned the church the best they could, dragging the bodies of the killed townspeople behind the building for later burning. By late afternoon, everything was ready and Brother Allen rang the church bell several times. The ringing brought the surviving townsfolk who quickly dug into the provided food. The people seemed more energetic and interactive than previously, and Oliver felt that they would soon be back to normal.

During the dinner, the man who ran the general store suddenly seemed to have an idea and ran back into town. He returned with a camera which Brother Allen and Yang Li recognized as an expensive Epitaph camera! Such a camera was able to take pictures of moving objects and cost $1,600! Presumably, it had been owned by the deceased Clyde Bolling, but how it had come into the hands of this other man was a mystery. Yang Li had practiced reading English from the Smith & Robards Catalog and remembered quite a bit about the Epitaph camera. He noticed that the man was attempting to use the camera incorrectly and was able to obtain it from him before it was damaged. He also discovered that the camera had no photographic plates so taking any pictures was currently impossible.

Meanwhile, Brother Allen thought it was best to fortify the poor simple people of New Jerusalem against the trials that were surely ahead. He preached a powerful sermon, warning against the powers of evil and those that do wrong while extolling the protection God provides the faithful. His sermon moved the crowd and at the end, three of the people (Bernard Ackeley, Henry Noyes, and Anne Wilmarth) asked (in their simple way) to go with him amd help him in his crusade for the Lord.

When the simple dinner festivities ended, the posse decided to stay the night at the hotel in town. Although dusty, the beds were more comfortable than bedrolls on the rocky ground and the posse slept soundly through the night.


Aahz Aahz

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