Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Death of a Lady

Hey Man, Nice Shot

TIME: Saturday – June 28, 1879 – 06:00 PM
POSSE ROLE-CALL: Allen Jabour with his flock (Ed Green, Nathan Green)
Jonah Westin
Lucius Jones
Sterling Simms (a.k.a. John Smith a.k.a. David Davidson a.k.a. Jack Johnson)
Tobias Rogers
Yang Li


Saturday evening, Jonah, Lucius, Seamus, and Tobias went to Austin King’s boxing warehouse to watch the Saturday night fights, including Yang Li’s boxing match. As usual, Yang Li won. After the fights, Lucius and Yang Li decided to avoid any problems and stay at the employee warehouse for the night. On the other hand, Jonah and Seamus decided it was time to report to the railyard. Tobias, a bit disappointed that Scarlet Turner did not accept his invitation to meet him at the matches, left in search of her at the local saloons.

As Jonah and Seamus approached the railyard, they were greeted by young James Blood. Since it was 11:30 PM at night, James asked them where they had been. After explaining that they had been at the boxing matches, they learned that none of the posse members had arrived at the yard at 7:00 PM; Otis Young was very upset. James also explained that Sterling had sent him to ask Seamus to bring the ghost rock he had purchased for Sterling to the Snake’s Den in the morning.

Jonah, Seamus, and James continued walking to the railyard, where they were greeted by the Green brothers. The brothers explained that Allen had been called away on “urgent business” and had tasked them with bringing the Indian artifacts he had rented from Robertson’s Sundries to the group. They had been waiting for someone to show since 7:00 PM. Seamus took custody of the rented stone dagger, two spears, war club, and restored headdress. The brothers left but informed Jonah and Seamus that they would retrieve the items in the morning to return them to the store.

Jonah and Seamus, with young James tagging along, then reported to Otis in the railyard office. Otis was not happy with the group. He was the only one at the yard and had been unwilling to patrol the yard as required without back-up. Jonah explained that he worked for Mr. King on Friday and Saturday nights and had arrived as soon as possible. Seamus had joined him at the fights. Neither could explain why the others did not arrive for work. Somewhat disgusted with the posse’s work ethic, Otis sent Jonah and Seamus to patrol the yard.

Wary of the railyard ghost, Seamus decided to wear the Indian headdress as well as arm himself with the spears, one in each hand. The other weapons he hooked on his belt. Once thus prepared, he, Jonah, and James began a patrol of the yard. As they moved past silent cars, Jonah noticed a mist creeping out between two cars. He pointed it out to Seamus as he fled with the lantern. Seamus ordered James to stay back as he stealthily crept toward the mist and peeked around the corner of a car. Under the waxing moon, he saw the Indian specter crouching over a prone body hidden in the mist and shadow from a nearby train car.

Not wasting the opportunity, Seamus quickly stepped out and threw both his spears at the ghost. The spears flew true and passed through the Indian’s back, ripping out great threads of mist from his translucent form. The ghost threw back his head and released a cry of pure rage and pain that echoed eerily in the night. His form then collapsed into mist that quickly dissipated.

The ghost‘s scream brought James with his pistol to Seamus’s side. Seamus quickly told him what had happened. Seamus then walked over to the body that had held the ghost‘s attention. Identifying the body was difficult; it was essentially a dried-out husk in a long black duster and dark clothing. However, the corpse’s long red hair helped Seamus determine that it was the body of Scarlet Turner, Sterling’s savior from the morning. It was during his examination of the body that Jonah returned.

Jonah and Seamus carefully carried Ms. Turner’s remains to the railyard office. Once there, Seamus explained to Otis that he had hurt the ghost and possibly destroyed it. He also told Otis that unfortunately, Scarlet, a hireling of the group, had been killed by the ghost. Otis allowed Seamus to store the body in a small storage shed until funeral arrangements could be made in the morning.

Later, after spending several hours hoping to bump into Ms. Turner around town, Tobias gave up his search and arrived at the railyard. He was shocked to hear Seamus’ tale of the night’s events. The remainder of the night was spent with Seamus, Jonah, and James, watching the yard for a chance re-appearance of the ghost or any other trouble.

Although spent separate from the others, Sterling’s night was almost as eventful. Fearing that the railyard was being watched by the Confederate authorities, he decided to spend the night searching for a suitable hide-out, perhaps an abandoned warehouse near the river. He sent James Blood with a message for Seamus to the railyard and then waited for nightfall. Once night had fallen, he carefully began exploring the river-front area. He noticed that much of the area had been fortified with fresh sand-bags and other construction.

He eventually found a darkened warehouse away from any night activity and kicked in the door. Sterling wandered into the warehouse and discovered several wooden barrels lining the walls. Trying to see a bit more, he lit a match and was surprised to see that the walls were lined with large barrels marked DANGEREXPLOSIVES. Even more disturbing, the barrels were linked by fuses.

Thinking he could find a use for a barrel of explosives, Sterling attempted to steal a barrel from the warehouse. Unfortunately, his strength was not up to the task of man-handling such a large barrel and he only succeeded in dropping the barrel onto its side, breaking it open. Gunpowder spilled out of the broken barrel boards.

It was at this point that Sterling heard the tramp of boots. He crept up to the warehouse door and peeked around the corner. A squad of Confederate soldiers were marching down the street. Sterling pushed the door closed and stepped back further into the warehouse, but since the latch had been broken, the door was not flush with the wall.

After a few moments, Sterling heard a voice demanding that anyone in the warehouse should come out. This resulted in a shouted conversation through the door between Sterling and a Sergeant Carrington. The sergeant demanded Sterling to come out of the warehouse while Sterling threatened to blow the entire warehouse if anyone came in to get him. At one point, Sterling opened the door and then stepped over near a barrel with a match in hand so he and the sergeant could see each other. (And so the sergeant could see what he had the means and the will to do what he threatened.) Unfortunately, the sergeant recognized him as the fugitive, Sterling Simms. (Sterling had given his name as John Smith.)

Knowing his time and options were growing more limited by the moment, Sterling moved away from the door and into the darkness of the warehouse. When he arrived near the back wall, he activated his new science hat, teleporting through the wall and into the alley behind the warehouse. He then ran into the night, making good his escape from the authorities.

Sterling’s mad rush eventually ended at the most unsavory saloon in town, the Snake’s Den. (A place he knew the St. Louis authorities did not frequent.) He attempted to sit quietly at a table, plan his next moves as well as write a message for his patron, and wait for morning and the arrival of Seamus. Unfortunately, his attire and attitude served as well as a spotlight to differentiate him from the saloon’s normal customers. Soon, a rough-looking man with a scar over his right eye came over to his table trying to start trouble. Sterling took his leave and walked toward the exit. However, when a knife embedded itself in the nearby wall, he quickly turned and tossed one of his artillery shells at the feet of the ruffian. Since the fuse was not armed, the shell was not intended as anything more than a distraction, and it did provide enough of a distraction for Sterling to once again escape into the night.

Once a safe distance from the Snake’s Den, Sterling searched for a dark alley in which he could watch for the passing of Seamus on his way to the saloon in the morning. He found a likely location and placed his last artillery shell near the entrance while hiding himself in the darkest part of the alley, with his pistol, Hildegarde, at the ready.


Aahz Aahz

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