Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Discretion is My Middle Name

Frontier Dentistry

TIME: Thursday – June 26, 1879 – 08:30 AM
Jonah Westin
Lucius Jones
Sterling Simms (a.k.a. Jack Johnson)
Tobias Rogers
Yang Li


Tobias woke up somewhat groggily in his room at the Freemantle Hotel on Thursday morning. he carefully examined his belongings and nothing was missing, but he did note that his items were not normally where he placed them, indicating that he did not undress himself the night before.

In the meantime at Mr. King’s employee compound, Lucius sought out Yang Li for practice. They spent the morning in the work-out room, chatting and practicing various fighting techniques.

Sterling began his day by visiting the employee compound, hoping to gain the assistance of Dr. Westin in an examination of the KC & LR Rail night watchmen bodies. Jonah joined Sterling and the two went to the coroner’s office at the Four Courts Building, meeting with Dr. Coleman (who apparently was still acting as city coroner). Dr. Coleman knew nothing of the deaths. (Apparently, they had been quietly swept under the rug by Richard Barney. Remember his wish for discretion?) Sterling then decided that he and Jonah should speak with Allen to find out more.

Sterling and Jonah walked to Ambrose’s Boarding House to visit Allen. He emphasized what Mr. Barney had said about discretion and told Sterling that Mr. Barney had never said the bodies had been examined by the city coroner. After a quick conversation, the group decided to visit Tobias over at the Freemantle Hotel (which came as a shock to Sterling because he didn’t realize anyone else in the group was staying there).

Allen, Jonah, and Sterling found Tobias reading the newspaper in the hotel lobby. Only a few minutes into the conversation, Tobias mentioned to Sterling that he met a lovely red-haired lady the night before and suggested she visit him (as Jack Johnson) to purchase shoes. (However, Tobias did not mention that he did not remember all of the events from the night.) This information sent Sterling into quite a little “fit” and with various cries about the Red Lady, he took his leave.

Allen, Jonah, and Tobias then left the hotel to speak with Mr. Barney. Although they did not have an appointment, they were quickly shown into his office by his secretary. After a quick discussion where Allen introduced Jonah and Tobias and Mr. Barney informed them that his senior night watchman, Otis Young, would be expecting them at the railyard at the start of the 12-hour night shift, 7:00 PM, the group went their separate ways.

Tobias went back to the Hauck & Bro. Saloon in the hopes of meeting Scarlet Turner again, but she was not there. He bought lunch and left an invitation to the boxing matches on Saturday night for Ms. Turner with the bartender. Allen and Jonah visited Yang Li and Lucius at the employee compound, filling them in on details about the job with Mr. Barney. Yang Li was very curious about the deaths at the railyard and agreed to help the group.

Of course, Sterling was not complacent while all this was going on. After storming away from the Freemantle Hotel, he decided that his Jack Johnson identity was compromised. He needed a new identity. He visited several shops in town and purchased an extremely cheap wig (most probably horse hair), a work shirt, overalls, and pliers. With the purchase of these accoutrements, Jack Johnson died and David Davidson, frontier dentist, was born! He also purchased an additional pound of salt (best to be safe when dealing with the Fire People) before returning to the Freemantle Hotel. Upon his return, the hotel clerk informed him that a red-haired lady had asked about him (as Jack Johnson). Sterling became even more concerned and went upstairs to his room (on the third floor). As protection, he poured a significant amount of salt on the stairs and the corridor leading to his room. Once inside, he carefully examined his belongings for any tampering. He did not notice anything out of place, but he did believe that someone had slightly smudged the salt lining his room’s window sill. Sterling quickly gathered his belongings and teleported into the street outside, hurrying to Ambrose’s Boarding House where he hoped to rent a room near an ally (Allen).

Upon reaching Ambrose’s Boarding House, Sterling learned that Allen was not in. He asked to wait in Allen’s room, but after giving this man with an obvious cheap wig and strange devices a once-over, Mr. Ambrose would only agree to allow Sterling to wait on the porch. After an hour of waiting, Allen did return to the boarding house and met Sterling on the porch. He attempted to rent a room for Sterling, but Mr. Ambrose would not allow such a strange individual to stay in his home. Having few alternatives, Allen did agree to allow Sterling to stay with the faithful at Iron Mountain. He and Sterling then visited the Green brothers at the hotel. Allen introduced the brothers to Sterling and then asked everyone to follow him to the docks for a baptism in the great Mississippi. Only after being baptized would Allen allow Sterling to stay with his followers. Sterling was baptized with the rest and using money provided by Allen, the brothers rented another room in Iron Mountain for Sterling. (Welcome to the flock, brother!)



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