Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Ghostly Doings

A Little Bit Of Thievery Never Hurt Nobody

TIME: Friday – June 27, 1879 – 11:00 PM
POSSE ROLE-CALL: Allen Jabour with his flock (Ed Green, Nathan Green)
Jonah Westin
Lucius Jones
Sterling Simms (a.k.a. John Smith a.k.a. David Davidson a.k.a. Jack Johnson)
Tobias Rogers
Yang Li


After the Friday night boxing matches, Lucius and Yang Li had a discussion with Mr. King in which he expressed his displeasure with their late night activities. Deciding that the other members of the posse could do without them for the night, both Lucius and Yang Li stayed at the employee warehouse. After his official duties were completed, Jonah was able to slip away to the railyard with Seamus.

Once Jonah and Seamus joined the watch, the posse split into three groups:

  • Allen, the Green brothers, and Sterling found an empty car from which to covertly watch the yard,
  • Tobias and James Blood patrolled the yard, and
  • Jonah joined Seamus in a patrol, carefully checking freight car locks.

Knowing that locks always protect something of interest, Seamus decided to pick the lock of the first locked car he found. After easily picking the lock, he climbed into the car and began to carefully pry open the wooden crates inside. While he worked on the crates and Jonah watched his progress from outside, a chill fog began to form around the car. Just as Seamus finished prying open the first crate, the Indian specter stepped through the car wall and swung his ghostly tomahawk at Seamus. Thanks to his quick reflexes, Seamus was only grazed by the weapon, but felt its deathly chill. Screaming for help, he stumbled out of the train car and raced away with Jonah as the Indian faded into the mist.

Seamus and Jonah were quickly met by the others who had heard their cries. The fog had almost faded away completely by the time they all reached the car. They found no evidence of the ghost inside nor outside the car, although Sterling was able to see the magical energy left by the ghost’s entry into the car using his goggles. Having no other leads, the posse returned to their various watches. Once alone with Jonah again, Seamus finished prying open the crates in the freight car, but to his dismay, only found them full of Bibles and hymnals. Although the Bibles might have done Seamus some good, he closed the crates back up and then locked the car, leaving no evidence of his intrusion.

Later in the night, the mist began to form around Tobias and young James on their patrol. Tobias attempted to lead James out of the fog but was confronted by the ghost. Tobias stood his ground while James fled in a panic from the ghost’s horrible visage. As the Indian spirit charged, Tobias cast three bolts at the specter. The energy from the bolts caused the ghost to dissipate along with the mist.

Meanwhile, Seamus found another locked freight car in the yard, this one marked for the Confederate States of America. The lock on this car was much better than the lock on the previous car, but still proved no problem for Seamus’ lock-picks. Inside, he found crates of 1-pound and 5-pound artillery shells as well as Winchester ’73 rifles. Sterling took an interest in this freight car and stole a couple of the 1-pound artillery shells, rearranging the packing straw to hopefully hide the missing shells. Afterwards, the crates were closed and the car locked as before.

The remainder of the night passed without incident, although the group could not find James after his flight from the ghost. Apparently, he had left the railyard.


Aahz Aahz

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