Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Introducing Jack Johnson


TIME: Monday – June 23, 1879 – 05:00 PM
Jonah Westin
Lucius Jones
Sterling Simms
Tobias Rogers


A new player joined the group! His character was Jonah Westin.


Finally free of the interruptions from lesser men, Sterling completed his new teleporting hat by Monday, 5:00 PM. His first thoughts were to demonstrate the hat to the important men in town, men like Lieutenant Japeth James. He walked over to the Four Courts Building and, standing in the street outside, attempted to teleport himself (disappearing in a puff of black smoke and a “bamf” sound) to Lieutenant James’ office. His first attempt failed, leaving him momentarily stunned, but not to be dissuaded, he tried again and succeeded. Unfortunately, the office was empty. Striding out into the hall, he demanded to know where he could find Lieutenant James. The few people around informed him that Lieutenant James had gone home for the evening, and then began to question his presence on this floor of the building. Sterling quickly entered the office again (closing the door behind him) and teleported himself to the street outside. He then went off in search of another to show his new invention: Allen Jabour.

He found Allen in his room at the Clarendon Hotel, and after a brief summary, teleported them both to the roof of a building next door (which could be easily seen through the window). Allen felt overcome by this mystical transport, and was immediately physically ill. Sterling learned that teleporting others actually caused him to be physically drained of energy. Speaking privately with Allen on the roof, Sterling explained that his new invention had also lead to his latest discovery: the Fire People. You see, Sterling’s device allowed him to travel through another dimension, a dimension populated by these fire people. Sterling could feel their enmity as he teleported; they obviously were very territorial and did not like his intrusions, however momentary. Based on his patron’s telegram, he believed they were led by a queen known only as the Red Lady. He also believed that they could enter our world as easily as he could travel through their world, taking on the form of humans. Their only weakness was salt. Sterling planned on purchasing plenty of salt to ward off the Fire People, and recommended Allen do so as well. (Hmmmmm… do you think this could be a new dementia manifesting? Mad scientists are such fun!) Of course, Allen thought this was all nonsense… and possibly an avenue for some good-humored fun later.

Unwilling to teleport another so soon, Sterling began calling out to passer-by’s in the street for assistance. He did manage to get one man’s attention, but after explaining how he and Allen reached the roof, the man dismissed his fanciful tale and continued on. As luck would have it, Seamus happened to wander by and hear Sterling’s cries. Promising to return, Seamus began to search for an “available” ladder in the back alleys around the area. Finding an unused ladder took some time, but after 45 minutes, he did eventually return with a ladder, allowing Allen and Sterling to climb down from the roof. Of course, by this time, all were ready for a good meal so they went to dinner.

Meanwhile, Lucius had settled in at his new home, a converted warehouse near the boxing arena warehouse. A delicious steak dinner was served to all of Mr. King‘s men to welcome the new comer. During the meal, Lucius’ constant shadow, Joe, went to play cards with some of the other men on the opposite side of the room, leaving Lucius with a little privacy. As luck would have it, Lucius choose to sit with Jonah Westin, who worked for Mr. King as a ring-side doctor. During the dinner conversation, Lucius discovered that Jonah had signed a similar contract with Mr. King as Lucius, and Jonah warned him that his debt would never fully be paid. This left Lucius with a feeling of foreboding and much to ponder before he hit the hay (sharing a room with good ol’ Joe).

After dinner, Sterling decided to check out of the expensive Clarendon Hotel and carried his luggage to the much more affordable Iron Mountain. As he was speaking to the Iron Mountain desk clerk, he learned that a beautiful red-haired lady had recently asked about him. Fearing that this new woman could be the “Red Lady,” Sterling quickly took his leave and booked a room at the Freemantle Hotel as Jack Johnson, seller of women’s shoes.


Aahz Aahz

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