Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Killing Time

Jail Cots Are So Comfy

TIME: Saturday – June 21, 1879 – 08:00 AM
Lucius Jones
Sterling Simms
Tobias Rogers


The posse intended to spend Saturday preparing for their big reward and show the next day. Allen visited the Peter Turnlet at the St. Louis Daily Times. Allen learned that Captain Lewis reported the The Burning Man may have been killed by Yankee artillery fire on June 14th. Allen then informed Mr. Turnlet that the “true” story of the Burning Man’s defeat would be told the next day, at 1:00 PM, in the very alley where he had been defeated. (The reported target location of the artillery fire.) Allen also purchased a full page advertisement in the paper promoting the event.

While Allen visited the paper, Sterling received a telegram which read:

He immediately locked himself away in his hotel room and began intently studying the plans for the AERS machine.

Saturday evening, Tobias and Lucius visited a saloon and began watching anyone drinking Rebel Yell whiskey. (Basically they were following an impromptu plan to follow a drunk and verify that the Burning Man was truly vanquished.) Unfortunately, a drunk noticed their attention and did not take kindly to it. He and his friends attempted to pick a fight, and Lucius was not the type to back down. Lucius was attempting to intimidate them when he made a move to show them his pistol – the same sort of move a person would make to draw his pistol. The drunks went for their own pistols and a gunfight began!

Tobias summoned three magical bolts, two of which struck one of the men down while a single bolt missed another man. Lucius pulled his pistol and shot the third man in the head. The remaining man drew and fired his pistol, grazing Lucius but doing no real damage. Tobias summoned two more bolts, but missed the man. Lucius also had no luck with his pistol, nor was the man able to hit Tobias with his shot. Tobias pulled his pistol and fired, but joined the others in failure. It was Lucius who finally killed the man with a shot to the heart.

Most of the saloon patrons had skedattled, but a few who had not been near the door had dived for cover under tables. Lucius glared at them, proclaiming that the men had went for their guns first, while Tobias looted the bodies, taking the men’s money. Tobias and Lucius were about to leave when a Confederate squad arrived and arrested them for murder.

Seamus was enjoying an evening visiting various local saloons when he heard that Mongo the boxer (i.e., Lucius) and another man had been arrested for murder at one of the St. Louis saloons. He immediately rushed to the Four Courts Building and learned that Tobias and Lucius had been arrested for murder. Unfortunately, at such a late hour, he was not allowed to visit the prisoners.

Seamus then visited the Clarendon Hotel to find Allen and Sterling. Of course, he was stopped in the lobby by the night manager but convinced the man that he had important message for Sterling Simms. The manager walked with him to Sterling’s room, but his knocking was only greeted with a gruff “Go away!” (Sterling was still examining the AERS plans.) He continued to knock and yelled at Sterling to open the door, but Sterling would have none of his nonsense; the door remained closed. The manager was escorting Seamus away when Allen, who had been woken by the noise, appeared in the hall. Seamus quickly explained what he had heard and Allen asked him to wait in his room while he dressed. Once dressed, Allen was able to get Sterling to leave his room and all of them went to the Four Courts Building.

They attempted to gain access to Tobias and Lucius, but like Seamus alone, they were not allowed to visit the prisoners. Allen left to find a lawyer for the men while Seamus scouted the outside of the Four Courts Building (hoping to find cell windows) and Sterling attempted to use his “military connections” (in his mind) to help his friends. Lieutenant James was the officer on duty, but would not see Sterling. However, Sterling eventually made enough of a nuisance of himself that he was arrested for disorderly conduct and placed in a cell near Lucius and Tobias.

Seamus never found any cell windows, but by stopping by the St. Louis Daily Times during the wee hours of the morning (as the next edition was being printed) and examining the paper, Allen found an advertisements for a prominent criminal lawyer and went to his office. Of course, that that time of night, the office was closed, so Allen waited until morning.


Aahz Aahz

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