Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Mr. King To The Rescue

The Company Man

TIME: Monday – June 23, 1879 – 08:00 AM
Lucius Jones
Sterling Simms
Tobias Rogers


Monday morning, Lucius received a visitor in the form of Henry Bryan, a lawyer who had been hired to represent him. In fact, Lucius was released into his custody since his bail of $200 had been paid. Lucius was expecting to meet his friends in the lobby of the Four Courts Building, but instead, associates of Austin King were waiting for him. Mr. King wished to speak with Lucius so he traveled with his escorts to a local saloon for breakfast.

Meanwhile, Allen visited the office of James Gillespie, a local criminal defense lawyer. Since he did not have an appointment, he was forced to wait in the reception area. After an hour of waiting, Allen barged into Mr. Gillespie‘s office and demanded his help, explaining that his friends had been arrested and needed a lawyer. Allen was willing to pay Mr. Gillespie’s fee of $12 per hour so the lawyer agreed to look into the matter. Mr. Gillespie then walked with Allen over to the Four Courts Building. Once there, they learned that Lucius had been bailed out by Henry Bryan, but Tobias was still locked in jail. The bail had been set for Tobias at $500 since he was being charged with murder and larceny, and as a Yankee, he was considered a flight risk. Allen and Mr. Gillespie then visited Tobias in his cell to learn more of his story.

Sterling had stayed up late pondering the AERS plans and although he could not completely understand them, he awoke this morning with the idea that it may be possible for a person to travel through rifts in the other-dimensional space detected by the AERS machine. He began work on a technological wonder: a new hat which would allow the wearer to travel these rifts.

While Lucius shared breakfast with him, Mr. King spoke to him about his recent arrest. Several of the witnesses to the murders said that Lucius went for his gun first, starting the fight. Mr. King believed they could be persuaded to remember the event differently. However, insuring this outcome would require a lot of time, energy, and money from Mr. King‘s organization. This is not something Mr. King would do for just anybody, but Lucius had promise and Mr. King wanted him to join his boxing stable. Of course, to insure that Lucius stayed out of trouble, he would need to stay with Mr. King’s men. Mr. King even had a contract ready for Lucius to sign that would keep him in Mr. King‘s employ for 3 years. Lucius asked if he could take the contract to his friends for their thougts and Mr. King agreed, but only if one of his men, Joe, accompanied Lucius to insure he stayed out of trouble and didn’t run off.

Lucius brought the contract to Sterling at the Clarendon Hotel. Sterling read the agreement and noticed that the contract would only end if at the end of the 3 years, Lucius had paid any debts owed to Mr. King. Additionally, the contract required that Lucius stay in housing and eat meals provided by Mr. King, for a reasonable price. The exact price was not listed. Sterling recommended they find Allen and discuss the matter with him. Sterling knew that Allen was planning on finding a lawyer this morning so hoped to catch him at the Four Courts Building.

Sterling, Lucius, and Mr. King‘s man, Joe, did bump into Allen in the lobby of the Four Courts Building. Allen had just left Mr. Gillespie speaking with Tobias at his cell. Allen explained to Sterling and Lucius about the bail and charges facing Tobias while they explained Mr. King’s offer to Lucius. When Mr. Gillespie finished his conversation with Tobias, Allen asked him to research the charges and meet him the next day for lunch. Mr. Gillespie agreed.

Led by Joe, Lucius and Allen then traveled to see Mr. King. (Sterling decided to return to his hotel room and complete the work on his new science hat.) At first, Allen was not permitted to speak with Mr. King, but after Lucius stubbornly refused to sign the contract (even when Mr. King mentioned that the murder investigation could turn up information about the death of Roger), Allen was brought into Mr. King’s office to “talk some sense” into Lucius. Allen actually was helpful and the contract was modified to allow the contract to be terminated if Lucius paid all his debts to Mr. King. (The total was already $300 for the bail and lawyer.) Lucius signed the contract.


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