Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Saved By A Lady

Rent To Own

TIME: Saturday – June 28, 1879 – 07:00 AM
POSSE ROLE-CALL: Allen Jabour with his flock (Ed Green, Nathan Green)
Jonah Westin
Lucius Jones
Sterling Simms (a.k.a. John Smith a.k.a. David Davidson a.k.a. Jack Johnson)
Tobias Rogers
Yang Li


Saturday morning at the end of their watch shift, the posse began to leave the railyard through the main gate, but paused when they heard a woman yelling, “Sterling Simms! Sterling Simms! I just saw Sterling Simms!

The screaming red-haired woman ran from the sidewalk across the street to a group of Confederate soldiers standing near the railyard gate (whom the posse noticed by peeking around the corner). Tobias recognized the woman as Scarlet Turner, the woman with whom he had shared an interesting night. Fortunately for Sterling, she actually led the soldiers away from the railyard. Had she not intervened, they surely would have seen him as soon as he had passed the gate.

At this point, most of the exhausted posse went back to their various rooms to rest. However, Allen, along with the Green brothers, and Sterling went to the shattered dock where James Blood had taken Sterling previously. They found James curled up asleep deep under the wooden beams. When they woke him up, Sterling was rather hard on the boy, but it was obvious that the ghost had shaken him badly. Sterling joined James under the dock to rest while Allen left with the Green brothers for other errands.

Following the lead from Otis Young about the gravel in the railyard, Allen visited Jameson Construction and spoke to the owner, a black man named Maurice Jameson. Although Maurice was obviously very busy, he did give Allen what time he could to answer Allen’s questions, but Allen learned very little new. Jameson Construction had used gravel and dirt from a mound near St. Louis to regrade the railyard.

Allen with his men then visited Richard Barney at the Kansas City & Little Rock Railroad offices. He spoke with Mr. Barney about the ghost and his belief that it may have been summoned by the use of material from an Indian burial mound by Jameson Construction. At the end of the conversation, he assured Mr. Barney that the posse would handle the malicious spirit.

The next stop for Allen was Robertson’s Sundries, where he paid ten cents to tour the Indian artifacts on display again. Afterwards, he asked Wade Robertson about renting the artifacts for the night. He struck a deal with Mr. Robertson that he would rent the items for $5, leaving a $20 deposit. He would pick them up on his way to the railyard that night. (Allen hoped that the items would have some effect on the Indian spirit at the railyard.)

Allen’s final stop for the day was to visit an older Indian called Running Dog that worked at one of the hotel restaurants. A few discrete questions had pointed Allen toward Running Dog as a man who remembered the Old Ways. He discussed the Indian spirit with Running Dog (without mentioning the railyard) and learned that the ghost could be the angry spirit of an ancestor or could be an evil spirit from the Hunting Grounds that had assumed the form of an Indian warrior. A shaman would know more, but Running Dog knew of none who lived near the city.



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