Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Shut The Door

Spawn of Shub-Niggurath

TIME: Wednesday – July 02, 1879 – 12:10 AM
LOCATION: New Jerusalem [MAP]
POSSE ROLE-CALL: Allen Jabour with his flock (Ed Green, Nathan Green)
Jonah Westin
Sterling Simms
Yang Li


Sterling travelled deep into the lair of the masters, eventually reaching a chamber roughly 60 feet square and smelling awful. The chamber was dominated by a large pit that left only a 20 foot walkway around the edge to the chamber’s only exit. The pit was filled with a pulsing black ooze, the source of the horrible smell. The stench was so great that Sterling could not contain the contents of his stomach. His body was wracked with convolusions as he relieved himself of his last meal. The pain from his bruised ribs forced him to his hands and knees.

It was in this state that the other posse members found him. Being cautious, the group paused roughly 30 feet up the tunnel, shouting various questions at Sterling. Sterling managed to compose himself and explained about the chamber. He then decided to take a sample of the black ooze for later study. He took off his hat and approached the pit. He had not moved far into the room (and was still in sight of the others up the tunnel) when the ooze formed a pseudopod that shot out and quickly wrapped around his torso.

Sterling felt himself being dragged toward the main mass of the black ooze in the pit. Fortunately, his arms were not trapped by the disgusting tentacle. He quickly drew and fired his trusty Hildegarde at the ooze, but had little effect.

Meanwhile, seeing Sterling in peril, the rest of the group raced up to the room. Unfortunately, everyone but Jonah and Oliver Pickman were overcome by the chamber’s stench and unable to act. Jonah readied his pickaxe and swung at the pseudopod holding Sterling, but missed. Upon viewing the living ooze, Oliver exclaimed “Spawn of Shub-Niggurath!” and quickly pulled his book from his satchel.

Sterling attempted to fire Hildegarde again, but instead of relasing a directed bolt of lightning, a capacitor in the pistol malfunctioned and electricity arced from the weapon in various directions. Both Sterling and the tentacle holding him were struck. This jolt caused the ooze to release its hold on Sterling. A black bolt of energy called up by Oliver’s book neatly bisected the oozing pseudopod, which collapsed into a puddle on the floor.

Another tentacle burst from the ooze to threaten Jonah, but seeing Sterling free, Jonah chose to run for the exit. The pseudopod attempted to grab him, but Jonah was too quick. The rest of the posse had composed themselves at this point and raced for the opposite exit as well.

Unfortunately, Sterling was do disoriented by the discharge of Hildegarde that he stumbled back to the tunnel where he had entered the room. The pseudopod retracted back into the ooze as Sterling stumbled away. The rest of the group called for Sterling to join them, suggesting he run as quickly as possible. Instead, Sterling brought out the cold mist projector he had collected from the fallen master (and which he insisted on referring to as a “hoar tosser”). He directed a freezing cloud of vapor at the ooze in the pit. The cloud covered almost 3/4 of the ooze and when it disappated, the majority of the ooze seemed to be frozen. Sterling then ran across the room without provoking any reaction from the living glob.

The group only travelled a short way down the new tunnel before discovering a branch to the right. They decided to follow the branch and eventually reached a chamber roughly 30 foot across. A deep chasm filled the room. The bottom could not be seen in the glow of the fungus lights and the torches of the posse. Not noting anything of interest, the group returned to the main tunnel.

As the posse continued their explorations, Brother Allen asked Oliver about his reference to Shub-Niggurath. Oliver explained that Shub-Niggurath was an ancient god that the masters worshipped. She was the dark mother of many things not of this world. Oliver also mentioned that he believed the Eggs of Sub-Niggurath were what brought the interest of the masters to this world. This led to a back-and-forth in which the rest of the group learned that Oliver was referring to ghost rock. Although this information worried Brother Allen, he decided to save any other questions for later.

The tunnel led the posse to a large chamber filled with silver alien instruments. A huge bank of machinery and a large, metallic frame surrounded a crackling field of energy which Oliver identified as the dimensional portal. Unfortunately, he was unfamiliar with most of the masters’ technology so he had no knowledge of how to shut it down. Sterling began to examine the machines while Brother Allen prayed for Sterling’s eyes to be opened (casting the speak language miracle). Sterling did gain insight into the strange devices and after spending several minutes adjusting the alien controls, he was able to shut down the energy field.

Just as the field’s energy faded, Oliver grabbed a torch from Nathan Green and threw it along with his book onto the ground. He collapsed to the ground himself only a moment later. The book’s fragile pages quickly caught fire and began to burn. Sterling barely raced over in time to save a portion of the book from the flames. The others examined Oliver and found him to be seemingly asleep, but were unable to wake him.

Wishing to insure that the portal would never be activated again, Jonah began to apply his pickaxe to the alien machinery. As Jonah worked, Sterling examined Oliver’s book. It appeared to be written in a romance language, possibly Latin, and was titled De Vermis Mysteriis. Unfortunately, none of the posse members could read Latin.



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