Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Sterling The Gunslinger

Message For You, Sir!

TIME: Sunday – June 15, 1879 – 08:00 AM
Lucius Jones
Sterling Simms
Tobias Rogers


On Sunday morning, Tobias and Allen journeyed to the Four Courts Building to pick up Lucius and Sterling from their night in jail. As Tobias was paying the $10 fines, a messenger boy arrived at the sergeant’s desk and asked for Dr. Sterling Simms. Sterling introduced himself to the kid and was presented with a telegram from his mysterious patron, addressed to him at the Four Courts Building (which raised the eyebrows of those present). The telegram read:


Everyone except Sterling returned to their hotel rooms to prepare for the day. Sterling did return to Iron Mountain, but instead of visiting his room, he spoke with Seamus first. He asked Seamus to accompany him to collect the bottles of Rebel Yell whiskey he had purchased the night before at the Snake’s Den. They traveled to the Snake’s Den, but since it was Sunday morning, the saloon was closed. They then returned to Iron Mountain from their failed expedition.

When he returned to his room, Sterling discovered two armed deperadoes waiting for him inside. (However, since they had been waiting all night and dozed off until hearing the door being unlocked, everyone was on equal footing.) One of the men was the smuggler who had transported Sterling across the river into St. Louis and whom Sterling had reported to authorities two weeks before. Sterling quickly drew his pistol, Hildegarde, and fired two bolts; one at each intruder. He missed the smuggler but killed his companion. The smuggler returned fire, but only grazed the scientist. Upon hearing these shots, Seamus raced upstairs, but did not reach the room before the smuggler fired again, missing Sterling. Seamus tried to pull Sterling around the door-jam for protection, but the wiry scientist pushed him off and fired two more bolts at the smuggler. These bolts were dead-on and completely fried the man.

After the gun battle, Seamus and Sterling quickly grabbed the bodies and dumped them in the same destroyed room where Sterling had previously tested his pistol on a goat. (Several sections of the Iron Mountain were damaged and sealed off from the guests.) They were almost discovered while moving the bodies, but quick thinking by Seamus and a willingness to appear sick and vomit, distracted a curious investigator. Once everything was settled, Sterling finally cleaned himself up and then quickly checked out of the Iron Mountain, joining the majority of the posse at the Clarendon Hotel.

While Lucius and Allen attended church services, Seamus, Sterling, and Tobias visited William Keller Burton’s lab. They found Burton packing his belongings. He explained that after the events the night before, he had been forced to take leave and was returning to Macon, GA. Sterling was given a copy of his plans for his AERS machine after explaining that his patron may be able to assist Burton financially.


Aahz Aahz

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