Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Strange Introductions

[Monday] Abraham Lincoln As A Goat

TIME: Monday – June 09, 1879 – 08:30 AM
Lucius Jones
Seamus McNamara
Sterling Simms
Tobias Rogers


Before reporting to the Four Courts Building, Sterling convinced the posse to purchase a goat which he planned to use in a demonstration of his new science pistol to the St. Louis authorities. (The posse wanted official recognition and endorsement to confront the Burning Man.) Not only did they purchase a goat, but also bought a stove-pipe hat which they tied to the goat’s head. They felt using the goat as a representation of former President Abraham Lincoln would endear them to the Southern citizens of St. Louis.

Upon arriving at the Four Courts Building, Sterling, Tobias, and Allen left the group to tend to the goat while they went inside to speak with the authorities. Sterling, Tobias, and Allen were shown to the office of Lieutenant Japeth James, who had interviewed Sterling when he was detained the week before. William Keller Burton had informed Lieutenant James that Sterling’s associates were witnesses to the Burning Man attack on May 31st.

As the conversation with Lieutenant James progressed, Tobias and Allen learned that…

  1. Lieutenant James had NOT tasked Sterling with confronting the Burning Man (as Sterling had previously told them), and
  2. Sterling had told Burton everything they had told him about the encounter on May 31st, which Burton had passed on to Lieutenant James.

Lieutenant James wanted to interview them and the rest of the posse about the events of May 31st. By promising that he could interview everyone, Allen, Tobias, and Sterling convinced Lieutenant James to come watch the demonstration they had arranged outside.

By the time they arrived, Seamus, acting as a carnival barker, had managed to gather a large crowd around the gallows (which acted as a stage for their demonstration). The goat was tied on top of the platform. Sterling took careful aim with his pistol and easily killed the goat with one shot, to the cheers of the crowd. Of course, it created a bit of a mess, which Lucius was expected to clean up. Unfortunately, it did not greatly impress Lieutenant James since he was already aware of the power of the pistol from the army’s examination of it while Sterling was detained on May 31st.

Eventually, the posse allowed Lieutenant James to interview them. They claimed that they were unaware that the authorities had been seeking them since that night. They told Lieutenant James what they could about the Burning Man. He did seem to believe that they were not involved in the murders, but did not seem to fully believe their ghost tale. (He suspected they were drunk that night and probably unsure of what they saw.) He allowed them to leave, ordering them to report any other Burning Man encounters immediately.


Aahz Aahz

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