Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Telling The Tale

Supply & Demand

TIME: Sunday – June 22, 1879 – 07:00 AM
Lucius Jones
Sterling Simms
Tobias Rogers


When Sunday morning arrived and no one opened the lawyer’s office, Allen returned to the Four Courts Building, where he found Seamus sharing a cigar with the desk sergeant. This time, Allen was allowed to visit the prisoners and discovered Sterling in a nearby cell. All of the inmates shared their stories and Allen promised to find a lawyer for Tobias and Lucius. He also attempted to pay their bail, but bail had not yet been set and probably wouldn’t be until Monday at the earliest. Allen paid Sterling’s $10 fine and he, Seamus, and Sterling retired to their hotel rooms. Allen did not get much rest however, since he attended morning church services.

Early in the afternoon, Allen and Seamus returned to the scene of the Burning Man‘s defeat for a special presentation. Allen had advertised the event in the St. Louis Daily Times and a small crowd had gathered. Allen prayed for the Lord to open the ears of the crowd and to guide Seamus in his speech (inspiration). Seamus then began the tale of the posse’s triumph over the Burning Man. He mixed just the right amount of tension and comic relief to entertain the crowd yet assure them that the evil plaguing St. Louis was over (reducing the Fear Level).

After Seamus’ tale, the posse remembered the deal they had struck with Captain Lewis and although they were a bit late, journeyed to the Four Courts Building to obtain their $250 reward. They received their pay and felt much better about their financial futures.

Sunday evening was the time for another telling, this one at a local saloon. Everyone in the posse not incarcerated attended (i.e., not Tobias or Lucius), and Seamus once again told the tale, this time emphasizing the role of Rebel Yell whiskey. Allen joined him in the presentation, telling a fiery sermon on the courage of man against the evil of the world. During all of this, the posse sold Sterling’s supply of the famed Rebel Yell whiskey (at a slight mark-up). A percentage of the sales went to the saloon owner.


Aahz Aahz

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