Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

The Red Lady?

Wake Me Up Before You Go

TIME: Wednesday – June 25, 1879 – 08:00 PM
Jonah Westin
Lucius Jones
Sterling Simms (a.k.a. Jack Johnson)
Tobias Rogers
Yang Li


A new player joined the group! His character was Yang Li.


While the rest of the posse enjoyed a night at Alexander’s Saloon, Tobias busied himself around town looking for a poker game, or two, or three. Unfortunately, many already knew of his reputation and were unwilling to play a game with him, but he did eventually manage to find a game with a couple of guys at Hauck & Bro. Saloon. After playing for roughly 30 minutes (and generally winning), he was approached by a lovely red-haired lady in a blue dress who introduced herself as Scarlet Turner and asked to join the game. She was allowed to join and proceeded to lose the majority of hands. After another hour of playing cards, Tobias was preparing to leave the saloon, but was convinced by Ms. Turner to buy her a drink. He shared a bottle of good whiskey with the lovely lady, learning that she was originally from Virginia, but was currently traveling to see the country after the death of her dear parents. Tobias mentioned that she should visit his friend, Jack Johnson, who was a woman’s shoe salesman. Scarlet did express a willingness to peruse his wares at a later date. Although he was only drinking moderately, it was at this point that everything went black for dear Tobias.

Meanwhile, the rest of the posse finished their celebration at Alexander’s Saloon and left for their various rooms. As Lucius, Jonah, and Joe entered the warehouse for Mr. King‘s employees, they noticed Yang Li, the current fight champion, practicing with a staff in the work-out room. Lucius and Jonah decided to go speak with Yang Li as Joe left for bed. Yang Li’s English was very poor, but Lucius was not bright enough to use large words so the two of them understood each other fairly well (although Lucius’ talk of ghosts was somewhat confusing to Yang Li). After introducing the two, Jonah was more interested in bed than conversation and left for his room. Lucius stayed up watching Yang Li practice, but eventually passed out from the alcohol he had consumed as well as exhaustion. Before going to bed himself, Yang Li woke up Lucius and made certain he got to his bunk for the night.


Aahz Aahz

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