Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Visitation Day

Allen's New Flock

TIME: Tuesday – June 24, 1879 – 08:00 AM
Jonah Westin
Lucius Jones
Sterling Simms (a.k.a. Jack Johnson)
Tobias Rogers


On Tuesday, Lucius decided to visit Tobias and explain to him how Mr. King “fixed” everything. Of course, his baby-sitter, Joe, tagged along, but Lucius was allowed to visit Tobias by himself. Tobias did not trust Mr. King and did not take the news well, but could do very little about it from a jail cell.

The first task on Sterling’s To-Do list for Tuesday was to buy a shave and a haircut. (This was all part of his new undercover persona: Jack Johnson, seller of women’s shoes.)

After a healthy breakfast, Allen checked out of the Clarendon Hotel and arranged for his belongings to be delivered to Ambrose’s Boarding House. He then left for his lunch appointment with the lawyer he had hired, James Gillespie. Just outside of the Clarendon Hotel, he was approached by two shabbily-dressed men. It took him a moment to recognize the pair as two of the Confederate soldiers who had assisted the posse in the defeat of the Burning Man. The pair introduced themselves as the Green brothers: Ed and Nathan. Apparently, they had been dishonorably discharged from the Confederate Army after their wild tale about the Burning Man. They had heard Allen’s sermon the Sunday before about how good men must stand up to the evil of this world and felt that they would like to join him in his fight. (Allen had just earned the Flock edge.) Allen took them under his wing, but since he had a pending appointment, he gave them some money, asked them to check into Iron Mountain, and directed them to contact Sterling in the hotel. (Allen was unaware that Sterling had decided not to stay at Iron Mountain and was currently known as Jack Johnson.)

Allen then met with Mr. Gillespie, who informed him that he did not feel comfortable working with Mr. King‘s lawyer, Henry Bryan. It appeared that the case would be won, but Mr. Gillespie had suspicions about the legality of how it would be won. Mr. Bryan had assured him that the witnesses would be changing their accounts of the killings. Allen accepted Mr. Gillespie’s decision and thanked him for his time.

After the meeting with Mr. Gillespie, Allen visited Tobias in jail. He preached a quick sermon to Tobias about the evils with which he was dabbling. He also told Tobias about what he had learned from Mr. Gillespie.

To round out his day, Allen went to Iron Mountain to see the Green brothers. He learned that they could not find Sterling; he had not checked into the hotel. After a short visit, Allen gave $10 to the brothers for living expenses during the week and told them he would speak with them further at a later date.

As evening approached, Allen reached his new living quarters at Ambrose’s Boarding House. Mr. Ambrose presented Allen with a card from Mr. Richard Barney with Kansas City & Little Rock Rail. On the back was written a request for Allen to visit him at his earliest convenience concerning a job opportunity.


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