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  • Hucksters

    • To cast a spell normally, make a Spellcasting roll. If you roll a 1 on your Spellcasting die, you suffer backlash and are Shaken.
    • Power Points Recharge = 1 Power Point / 3 hours
    • Instead of casting a spell normally, you can

  • Natural Healing

    • Every five days, wounded or Incapacitated characters may make Vigor rolls.
    • Wild Cards remove one wound level (or their Incapacitated status) with a success, or
      improve two steps with a raise. A critical failure increases a Wild

  • Soak Roll

    • A character can spend a benny to automatically eliminate a Shaken condition.
    • If the benny is spent immediately after taking one or more wounds from a single attack, he may make a Vigor roll as well. A success and each raise on the roll