Four Courts Building


St. louis   four courts

The Four Courts Building is a huge building, 3 stories high with a basement, built of cream sandstone. The interior is divided into 5 sections. The Criminal Court and the Court of Criminal Correction are located on the 3rd floor. The Police Headquarters are located on the second floor and divided into twelve apartment for the actual daily service of the Chief of Police and officers of the department. It is also where the Rogues Gallery is located. The Police Courts, the Grand Jury Rooms, City Marshal, City Sheriff, and the offices of the Circuit and Prosecuting Attorneys are all located on the first floor. In the basement is the armory and where the blue-coats go through the evolution of daily drills for their duty watch.

The Police Stables are on the Twelfth street side where the hoodlum wagon is kept. The Dead Animal Contractor’s office is on the Eleventh street side of the building. The Coroner’s office is at the corner of Eleventh and Clark . The Morgue is located at the corner of Twelfth and Spruce.

Four Courts Building

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