May 31, 1879

NOTE: Lucius is illiterate, so these are thoughts, not letters on a page.

Ah have seen tha Burnin’ Man, and he iz a spook.  Das rite, i knows this ‘cause i shot him threw two times and he din’t evan bleed, mush les get hurt.  Let me go bak sum sows you kin know wut I’m talk’n bout.

So, we talk to tha doc, and Seamus gets some treatment.  Awl I’ll say iz that you don’ wanna know.  Nuthin’ new ‘bout our quary, but Im thinking’ all this talk is getting nowhar.  So, itz time to plan how to ketch our quarry.  I been huntin’ enuf to know how to get a hiddin’ cridder, so I makes a plan.

Seamus iz gonna be bait, whil the rest of da crew will watch for tha Burnin’ Man.  Since ther ain’t no treez to hid in, we just gonna foller him from a distance.  Itz a gud plan, cauze it werks.  Wail, I’z gonna get thar later.  Befer it all goez down, we meat at tha Snake’s Den, sinze that’s probaby whar The Burnin’ Man starts.  ‘Curze it ain’t that EZ since tha “man o’ scinze” Sterling Sims" dun went and makes hisselv a gun.  It iz not reely a gun sinze thar iz no bullets, but he iz happy like a soldier reternin’ frum leave in town.  I thank he did sum thang I wont say to a goat, sinz he kept askin’ fer a goat.  Pluz he duz not know that a fren’ly ladye at tha Snake’s Den is a whor, so he probly duzn’t know whut his man parts are made fer.  O, he also wants ta be called “Slam-a-dander”, wich seams to hav sumthen doin’ with goats.  I guess dander is yanky fer goat?

Anywaze, we (Precher & Tobias) get Seamus drunk wilst Sterling’s tryin’ to figre his bits out with Melinda, the mintiond whore.  We went lookin’ for Sims, but had no luck.  He came bak later, but cud get nowher wit evin a whore.  I figre she wuzn’t goatish enuf.  Thanks that Seamus wuz drunk enuf to start the huntin’ we drug Sterling out uv the bar befur he gots us in more truble.

So off we go, but not to long we hit robbers, wich we scar off.  Thin itz a patrol.  I trid to talk ‘em out uv it, but they tuk Seamus in on public drankin, and, ’curse, Sterling fer bein’ Sterling.  That yanky iz more truble than a hungry dawg on a hunt.  He’z gonna bite anythang in frunt of him.  So away ta clink thay go.

Still, itz a good plan, so back to tha bar for bait we don’t worry about.  I figur I can let sumone elze get mugged, mayhap the robbin’ thugs was “The Burnin’ Man” rite?  So, we get some guy mor drunk and off he goez.  We follow a waze off and the Burnin’ Man apeared.  Ferst, he looked lik anuther thug, but lone.  I stud bak, but Tobias ran ferward.  Guess I shuld told him to hold bak.  Next thang I kno, the Burnin’ Man set tha drunk on fire and we wuz fightin’ to catch him.

I drew and fired to no avail.  I was sure I aimed true, but there was no evidence that he was hit.  The preacher called to God and a loud explosion seemed to stagger the Burning man.  Preacher then began to advance.  I stayed back and fired again, this time aiming carefully, and once again either he turned aside my bullet, or was not touched.  All this time Tobias was running toward The Burning Man, who had turned to face us.  His eye were like burning coals, and his mouth glowed as he sneered at us.  Before the Burning Man could do anything, three glowing balls of something flew from Tobias’ hands and the Burning Man seemed to boil into fire and he was gone.

We didn’t hav time to look ‘rownd, sinz we herd boots comin’.  So we ran, avoidin’ the patrol.  They probably wuz bak frum droppin’ our frends off.  I need to find out what Tobias got that can hurt a ghost, since Tha Burnin’ Man iz a hellfar beest.  My gunz ain’t gonna cut it.


Deadlands: The Way of the Brave Aahz Aahz