June 21, 1879

NOTE: Lucius is illiterate, so these are thoughts, not letters on a page.

Ah am awn a mishun frum Gawd. Wile we wuz fightin’ tha bernin’ man, I wuz attaked wit devilree, an’ whus nocked out. This iz when an anjul showed up and tol’ me God had a plan fer me. He show’d me that Tobias Jones has an angul wachin’ him ovur two.

After wards, I explaned to Lt. Jamez what happens. Like Sterlin’ said, we wuz gonna get paid. ‘Corse he said if we lyed he wuld lock us up, but we did not, so I wuzn’t worryedin’. But some bodi said we wuld wait to gets payd fer a week. The we don’t get lockin’ed up. So we stucked around town.

O ya, Tha nite befer, I wuz in a fite that I lost. The feller was stronger than me, and I culdn’t get a blow in that wud nock hem down. He gots a few gud licks in an I wuz out uf it. I thaught Mongo wiz over, ’cauze he wuz gonna kil hizselve.

Wel, wit that an werkin’ fer God, I kneed a better fightin’ way. So I iz gonna duk and dawdg more. I evan got set up wit sum practicin’ time soze I culd get better wit my new fightin’. The Reverdand helped me sum, so I wuz ready next Fite.

Seamus also wanted to hav a big tellin’ of our defeet of da burnin’ man. So I trid to get Mr. King to agree. He sayed he waz about fitein’ not storyin’, so that didn’t werk. In sted we gona host our own tellin’.

To Be Continued…


Deadlands: The Way of the Brave Aahz Aahz