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Welcome to our part o’ the Weird West!

Hello, pardner! You’ve stumbled upon the home of our Deadlands game: The Way of the Brave for lack of a better title. In case you’ve never heard of Deadlands, it is a role-playing game which combines Western and horror elements with a touch of that there steam-punk. If’n you want the official word on it, you can head over to the company website ( You can also get a brief intro from the copy of the Tombstone Epitaph found on the Home tab.

Our little game begins in the Confederate strong-hold of Saint Louie in the year 1879. As long as you ain’t one of them there illiterates (and if you are, how did you read this much?), you can read the whole story over in the Adventure Log. You may also want to learn about the posse on the Characters tab.

This page is the main page of the wiki, where we create handy links and entries with useful notes (to us anyway). Feel free to explore. Some entries have tags which can be used to find specific things you’re looking for. Check over there to the right if you ain’t using one of them newfangled telephones to read this. (Sorry – they ain’t available on the mobile version!)

Main Page

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