Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Best Laid Plans

[Saturday] They Call Me "Salamander Simms"

TIME: Saturday – May 31, 1879 – 06:30 PM
Lucius JonesDiary Entry
Seamus McNamara
Sterling Simms
Tobias Rogers


To speed along the story, the party choose to break and restart the session Saturday evening. This may happen from time to time in the campaign to keep up with the action.


Saturday evening, the posse returned to the Snake’s Den with a plan advocated by Lucius and endorsed by Seamus: Seamus would drink as much as possible and then wander the streets of St. Louis in the hopes of gaining the attention of the Burning Man. (Lucius is not really the “thinker” of the group, and Seamus, well, he just likes to drink.)

Most of the posse try not to draw attention to themselves at the saloon; however, upon entering, Sterling proclaims himself to be “Salamander Simms” and begins to extoll the virtues of his new weapon, Hildegarde. This would not have been tolerated by the patrons except Sterling began to buy drinks for everyone in the bar. Hoping for more free drinks, they encouraged him to continue. He was eventually approached by a woman who introduced herself as Melinda and wanted to spend some personal time with him. Sterling did not fully understand the business transaction Melinda was attempting but Lucius picked up on it quick enough. Lucius attempted to break up anything between Sterling and Melinda but was quickly backed down by a group of regulars who thought the woman should be allowed to work. Melinda took Sterling to a private room around the corner from the saloon. (The rest of the posse did try to find them, but lost the trail.) Sterling spent a great deal of time with Melinda, extolling his scientific theories and experiments. He even gave the poor woman $2 to help her in these hard times (not fully understanding the true reason for the money). However, when Melinda requested more money for the whole night, Sterling did begin to understand Melinda’s line of work. He returned with her to the saloon and even managed not to insult her or anyone at the bar. (The other members of the posse assisted in this to a degree.)

By this point, Seamus had drunken a great deal of “Rebel Yell Whiskey”, the cheapest whiskey label in town and guaranteed to “put a holler in your collar.” Directed by Lucius, he meandered out of the saloon and onto the streets of St. Louis. The rest of the posse followed at a respectful distance behind him. At various moments during his trek, he walked, crawled, and just laid on the street. He was very nearly set upon by a small group of apparent robbers, but the posse quickly caught up to him and the robbers left without any trouble.

After stumbling a few more streets, Seamus ran into a Confederate patrol. Although the rest of the posse tried to claim responsibility for him, Seamus was arrested for being drunk in public (for his own safety). Unfortunately, Sterling did not easily comply to the patrol’s authority and he was arrested as well. Both Seamus and Sterling were taken to the Four Courts Building, where Seamus slept the night away in a cell while Sterling was subjected to an interrogation about his origins, his new science weapon, and even some of the items found in a search of his hotel room. Sterling answered questions honestly, although with a bit of his usual attitude. He even gave his questioners the name and description of the smuggler who transported him across the Mississippi. After questioning, he was given his own private cell for the night while the authorities pondered his fate.

Meanwhile, the rest of the posse returned to the Snake’s Den. They were not yet finished with the “plan.” Lucius introduced himself to a drunk in the saloon (John Colvin) and began to buy him whiskey. Eventually, Mr. Colvin left the bar to return home, although he made sure to take a bottle of whiskey with him for the trip. After giving him a slight head-start, the posse followed. After a few blocks, another man stumbled out of an alley behind Mr. Colvin. He seemed to be no more sober than Mr. Colvin. The man’s back was to the posse so they could see very little, but when Mr. Colvin turned around upon hearing the man’s approach, they could see his expression of horror. Tobias rushed forward, but not in time to save Mr. Colvin. Mr. Colvin had time for one scream before his upper body was engulfed in flames apparently generated by the mysterious man. The man then turned, presenting Tobias with his charred visage, with hell fire burning in his eyes and mouth. The posse had at last found the Burning Man.

Lucius fired at the Burning Man, but had no effect. Confronting such evil, Allen immediately began praying to the Lord to stop this demon. His prayers were answered with a mighty thunderclap that rattled windows for several blocks (stun power), but seemed to have little effect on the Burning Man. Lucius fired his pistol a second time at the thing and although he believed his shot was accurate, the Burning Man did not react at all. Tobias had the best luck. He drew a hand that allowed him to blast the ghost with three cards of magical energy (bolt power), causing the Burning Man to implode in fire and disappear.

The posse had only a few moments to gather their wits before they heard the tramp of boots. They quickly faded into the night rather than have to explain their actions to a military patrol.


Aahz Aahz

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