Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Fight Night

[Friday] Introducing Mongo The Magnificent!

TIME: Friday – June 06, 1879 – 06:00 PM
Lucius Jones
Seamus McNamara
Sterling Simms
Tobias Rogers


To speed along the story, the posse choose to “skip” any actions until the big fight scheduled for Friday.


During the week, Seamus had been visiting various saloons and spreading rumors that a new fighter, Mongo, would be at the boxing matches on Friday. These rumors included such tall tales as Mongo had killed several men with his bare hands, was wanted in numerous states, was a deserter from the army (you pick which), etc. Basically, he made “Mongo” into Chuck Norris. (Apparently, at the time, he was considering betting against Lucius “Mongo” Jones on Friday.)

When Friday evening finally arrived, the posse headed for the address provided to Lucius by Mr. King. They arrived at a warehouse with men at the door as well as a small line. As they approached, Lucius was intercepted by one of Mr. King’s men. He was informed that Mr. King wanted to present somewhat of a show to introduce Lucius to the crowd. Therefore, when he announced that Roger was no longer available to fight, he would ask the crowd for volunteers. Lucius should volunteer at that point. Beforehand, he should mingle with the crowd, but not drink any liquor.

The posse each paid the $1 admission for the boxing matches (except Lucius who was escorted through a side door) and entered the warehouse. The place was packed and a match was already in progress. The ring was a roped off platform in the center of the floor. A make-shift bar was located along one wall and a location to place bets was near another wall.

After the current boxing match ended, Mr. King took the stage and introduced another boxer, Henry Coffee, supposedly a descendent of African tribal warrior chiefs and a large man. Just as planned with Lucius, he then informed the crowd that Roger was missing and a replacement was needed. He asked for volunteers. Lucius volunteered and was chosen for the fight. (What a surprise!) Mr. King did pause slightly when Lucius informed him that his name was “Mongo.” After being taken to the backrooms to change into boxing drawers, given a brief overview of the rules, and being shown to the crowd, the Mongo vs. Coffee match began. Although Coffee did manage to land a couple of blows, Lucius “Mongo” ended the match in round 3 with a knock-out, winning the $20 prize pot.

After the match, the posse stuck around to watch another fight and then an exhibition of the fighting style of the current boxing champion, Yang. Yang was introduced as a China-man versed in the mystic fighting arts of the Orient. He broke several boards and smashed a wooden barrel to the cheers of the crowd. His match was apparently scheduled for the main boxing night: Saturday.


Aahz Aahz

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