Deadlands: The Way of the Brave

Hello Joe

A Pinkerton Never Sleeps

TIME: Friday – June 27, 1879 – 07:00 AM
Jonah Westin
Lucius Jones
Sterling Simms (a.k.a. David Davidson a.k.a. Jack Johnson)
Tobias Rogers
Yang Li


After spending an uneventful remainder of their watch, the posse was exhausted by the time 7:00 AM arrived. Worried that Iron Mountain would be watched by Confederate soldiers, Sterling paid James Blood a quarter to allow him to stay with James for the day. James led him through a loose board in the fence surrounding the yard and along a twisted, turning route through St. Louis before arriving at the remains of a dock at the Mississippi River. James apparently slept under the wooden beams during the day, and today he was joined by Sterling. The rest of the posse returned to their various rooms to sleep until the evening.

At some point in the morning, Jonah was awakened by a tapping, as someone gently rapping, rapping… on his head. The click of a revolver’s hammer served to clear the last fogs of sleep from his mind. Joe had a pistol pointed at his head and wished to speak with him about the night before. He informed Jonah that he suspected he had been drugged, and since Jonah was the local doctor, he suspected Jonah was the culprit. He had also learned that Jonah, Lucius, and Yang Li had left the warehouse the night before, lying their way past the guard. The only reasons he didn’t kill Jonah were that Lucius was asleep on his cot, apparently safe and sound, and that Mr. King still needed a doctor for the boxing matches. This little visit was Jonah’s one and only warning. After explaining all this, Joe left Jonah alone in his room to enjoy his rest.

Later that day when Lucius awakened, Joe spoke to him as well, explaining that he was not suppose to leave the warehouse without Joe’s approval. Otherwise, Joe might suspect that Lucius was trying to skip town on his debts to Mr. King. Lucius would not like the result of those suspicions.

When Tobias awoke that afternoon, he proceeded downstairs for a meal and was approached by a bald man who introduced himself as Luther McCord (but his friends called him Red). He asked Tobias to join him for lunch to discuss a business proposition. During lunch, Red explained that he worked for the Pinkerton Detective Agency and understood that Tobias was working for the Kansas City & Little Rock Railroad. He informed Tobias that his agency suspected that the owner, Richard Barney, was supporting the notorious James gang around Kansas City. If Tobias could find any evidence of this, he would be well rewarded by the Pinkertons. Red would check back occasionally to see if Tobias had found anything.

That night, Lucius had a bout at Mr. King’s boxing warehouse. He was matched against Eric the Red (a name earned from his use of a Bowie knife in his last match). Although Mr. King introduced a weapon into the first fight of the night, the crowd was not as blood-thirsty as last Friday. (Thank you, reduced Fear Level!) Ever the businessman, Mr. King went back to his usual fight format and followed the standard boxing rules for the rest of the night. After fighting several rounds, Lucius finally managed to defeat Eric the Red when he couldn’t meet at the scratch line.

Meanwhile, the rest of the posse met at the railyard to begin their watch. Before leaving the Iron Mountain, Allen and the Green brothers retrieved all of Sterling’s possessions from his room, delivering them to the wanted scientist. In return, Sterling informed Allen that during the day, he had decided on a new name to confuse his trail: John Smith. Allen was not terribly impressed.



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