May 24, 1879

NOTE: Lucius is illiterate, so these are thoughts, not letters on a page.

I shoed up in St Louis this mornin’ after spending the night on the other side of the river. I bribed a boat to sneak me across, and would be happy to be in Southern terrotory but I believe they may be watching for me. It wus a bad trip through hostle territory, but I staid safe by keepin’ to the woods. I used my skil from huntin in Gorgia to keep helthy and gud.

I wus lookin’ bad on account uv cuntrie livin’ and was in nead of bathin’. I holed up much of my geer and heedin’ off to find a bathin’ house. Kleaned up, I boght some cloths to fit my new livin’. I wus gona be Lucius Jones, a gud gunfightin’ name, so I neded gunfightin’ gear. I has a nice pistol I finded on a yankee, and my Winchester from my lookoutin’. I jus’ needeed a stetson hat and duster to finesh the look. I also bot a fast drawin’ holster and some speed lodin’ cylindars.

Dun shoppin’, I wus hungry. I found Alexander’s and sat in a table to not raze attenshun to myself. Suddnly I am beset with a man saying he is Seamus McNamara, which I hear among his fast talkin’. I am quite sure he is drunken, I hav yet to seen him sober. Seamus McNamara is a nice guy, and can talk very gud. He invitates the Revrend to my table, and I get to know him. He is my kin in spirit. Tho he hasn’t shot anyone yet, Im sur he likes to shot. Lots of guns on him always.

At anuther table wus sum gamblr who was reel gud with cards. His frend, Sterling Simms, Titan of the West was not. Sterling Simms, Titan of the West lost lots of cash, and somehow ended up at our table. I cant recal how, but Im sur it was Seamus McNamara doing in some way. Some Confedrate offisars got mad at the gamblar, guessin’ they lost two, and left.

It was then that thre of us headed out of the salon, with Preacher stickin’ behind. The card playr followed us for some reason, which I figurd out after. He must have Ol’ Scratch for a frient ‘caus not a few minutes after getting our berings fixed, a squad of confeds shows up. I get scarse, but the scrawny Sterling Simms, Titan of the West apparntly starts sumthin’. He cant punch, but he can tak many blows. Anywhay, it wuz 5 fightin’ 2 on account of Seamus McNamara also gittin’ hid. Since the gamblar must have cheeted, I let him be. Sterling Simms, Titan of the West otherwize was not up the the fightin’, so I helped him.

Them Confeds were right wimps. After I suggezt they leave Sterling be, I was acosted. So I fighted bak. A single blow felled one, which shocked me a little. The next wuz ready, so we simply exchanged blows to no avail. I glanced at the gambelr and Seamus McNamara has apeared with a bit of wud. He had taken out the tew others, so I left the fight.

Revrend had arrived and wus watching, shotgun in hand. I thot he woud be shotgun the gambler, but he just watched. Gues he dont gamble. Anyways, the other thre finsh up the two standin’, and we went on our way.

I herd a screem, but ignore it, trouble meens more Confeds. Dont want to get foun’ out. Course Rev herd it an investigated. Turns out some person is killin’ peopel. They set them on fire to make peple thank a spook dun it. There ain’t nuthin’ true about spooks though. I’ve seen dead people walkin’ after a skirmis. They get shot just like peple. Nuthin’ to worry ‘bout with enuf led bulets. Walky Ded probly ain’t in St. Louis though.

To late to worry now. I’m back in bed, restin’ for tomorow. We’re goin’ to get together again. I think Revrend an’ Seamus McNamara will be gud to keep close to. Maybe they cud join me west. I think that means Sterling Simms, Titan of the West will tag along, since Seamus McNamara draged him into our group. May be I can teech him punchin’, or at lest to shoot. Nowin’ my luk that truble some gamler who Simm’s noes will be waitin’ too. Well, moor peepul to hide with, sinc the Confeds wil look fer me singler.

I am goin’ to the Marshals offic, lookin’ at wanted posts. Mebe I wont see my pikture.


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