May 26, 1879

NOTE: Lucius is illiterate, so these are thoughts, not letters on a page.

We wuz water’ fer a feller to shoo up at da Snake Din Bar. I gets me a drink and staek out tha place to wach out fer Tobias Rogers, that gabler. Terns out gablin’ maks gud cash and he neded a gaurd. This covared me bed and bord at a reel nice spot. I cud get used to dis.

Anysways, terns out Seamus is a gud nife toss playr. Tobias is doin’ gud, but the Siance fellar, Sterling, don’t undarstood how stuff werks in da south. He askid fer som kind uv wine. Rev tried to edukate him on wiskey, meyby he can lern. I figur I can help. Then, it hapens.

So, a knif playar threws a knif on our table. I tink hes ganna pick fights wit Sterlin’, but he’s a big feller, named Roger, so time to make a shot at bodigurdin’. I stands up and he don’t back down. He is a bit tall’r ‘an me, but I know a ’bit ’bout fightin’. He movin’ slow, so I known I culd move round him quik. He’s not gonna bak down, and asks ta go outside. I mak shur it’s just boxin, don’t wanna kill him. I giv the Rev my guns, noein’ he wuld make shur the fightin’ was fair, then we went outside and tha fight was engaged.

I gave him a stiff jab with my left hand to warn him that he was out of his league. I then offered to let him capitulate, but he would have none of it. So I descided to make a show of it. If he wouldn’t turn in, I would make a bit of a name for myself. He shook of my first blow, and attempted a counter-strike. I turned it aside with a right armed block and begun to dance around him. Slapping at his head, he was obviously getting angry. His blows became wilder and wilder. I attempted a left right combination, slapping with the left hand and hitting with a hook from my right.

He dodged the slap right into the hook, but I didn’t have my full weight in it. I had him rattled, but he shook it off again. I continued the dance of death, feeling the life that only can only come from combat. After yet another offer, Roger refused to yield. It was time to end it. Since he’d been able to shrug off my lighter blows, I put my full force into the punch. I knew it was over the moment it connected, and it was confirmed as he flew back, stumbling backwards on his feet. He fell, but I knew it wasn’t right went his he hit the wall of the Bar with a sicking crack. It jerked back in an ugly way, and his body went completely limp.

I new enuf to know he dieded. It wuz sad, but I new it wuz his own dooin’, pickin’ a fite with a milatry traned guy. Well, I help cleen up an’ we toss da body in tha river. No mes, no fus. Bak at da bar, Roger is fergoten, so I is stil safe.

No much else hapened to me. Tobias met a guy who saw the burn’n man, but he’s tell us anythin’. He has a bad bern, but I thik he dusent recall much. Soundin’ like it’s a feller who is on fer, but the guy wuz drankin’ an’ looded az anythang. I thank it iz a guy wit scince stuf like Sterlin’. ’Specilly affer the nex day.

May 27, 1879

So we cheked out graves and diggarz and preechin’ men. nobody noes anytin diffint er specal. So tha only intersting thang hapenin wuz Sterling’s “majik glases” blowed up. Yeh, aftar findin’ nuthin’ evrywhere he luked at da grav and BOOM. I figger if dey werk, den ther iz sumthin’ up thar. But no one knoes anythang, so gess it is a dud. Rev. fixed his eyez aftar the splosun, and i thenk he gave Sterling sum tinking to do bout God an his tekno-junk.

Nex, we talk to da doc who checkd the bodys. Maybe he knoews sumthin. So far, we be looksee at nuthin’ After that, maybe the law has sumthin’ we can chek in on.


Deadlands: The Way of the Brave Aahz Aahz